Application Process

Before you begin the application for Science & Law School Scholarship, it is strongly advised to read ‘Eligibility Section‘ carefully to assess if you are qualified to apply for this opportunity.

Please follow these steps to apply for the Science & Law School Scholarship:

  • Get enrolled in any of the Science, Engineering or Law programs in a University that is ranked under the top 1000 QS ranked institutions and confirm your admission. The candidates who took admission later than 3 months at the time of application are not eligible to apply for this award.
  • Get the pre-admission letter from the University and score your admission followed by successful enrollment.
  • Make sure you are a regular enrolled student of the eligible University.

List of documents required to submit an application for Science & Law School Scholarship:

Submit us your resume with the following credentials before December 15, 2020. The resume must include all the following information otherwise the application will be declined in the screening stage:

  • Name of the University and its QS Ranking
  • Name of the program and medium of instruction
  • Enrollment date and total program duration
  • Candidate academic scores from high school to the last attained degree
  • Candidate’s age (As accurate as on the passport)
  • Email and contact information

Please make sure your resume contains the above-mentioned information and send it on [email protected]

The committee will start the application evaluation throughout the year and get in touch with the successful candidates to get them interviewed and then the final successful candidates will be contacted. After the final selection, the candidates will be asked to provide the documents listed below for final assessment in order for us to approve the scholarship funding:

  • Academic transcripts and certifications
  • Enrollment cards and student registration cards
  • Admission letter document
  • Passport information page attested the oath commissioner
  • Our scholarship award letter and research plan for master and doctoral degree students
  • Bank account information (IBAN and Swift code)

After the final assessment of these documents, the scholarship funding will be approved and the selected candidates will be informed. Our scholarship award will be continued on academic performance assessment, therefore, at any stage of the schooling, if the performance of the student drops then it may result in termination of the scholarship temporarily or permanently.