Afidavit.com was started back in 2016 for the purpose of providing a free resource of valid legal matters information to general public. It was also the objective to provide top notch legal counseling services with least possible price tag to the clients. Our team of highly professional attorneys, advocates and guest counsel members are available for on-demand consultations throughout the year. The site also publishes content on defining legal terminologies, provides expert’s explanations on legal matters, and also create legal document templates for downloading purposes. Our legal document templates such as affidavits, contracts, agreements, letters, forms, notices and certificates are drafted by experienced advocates and then subject to pass through our editorial publication process.

Editorial Publication Process

All the writings on this website are created by well qualified legal advisors, advocates and attorneys. With that, the editorial review process is quite rigorous; with which our editorial team make sure to send the top quality piece of information live. In general our editorial content review process is based on following principles:

    • We follow ethical standards of writing and make sure the information is accurate, and true
    • Our writers are qualified attorneys, advocates and retired law counsels; who are eligible to write on legal topics
    • Each piece of writing is then subject to thorough editorial checks and then pass on to the publication team
    • No Conflict of Interest exists in any of our content – our authors, editors and counsels disclose the conflict of interest statement before taking on the responsibility to start writing on any of the topics

Our Attorneys and Counsel

Meet our experienced and award winning team

Razia Saeed


Razia Saeed is the Founder and CEO of Afidavit.com. She is one of the renowned, highly experienced, and highly paid attorneys practicing in Hongkong, and Singapore. She also provided startup, business and legal consultations to US, Canadian and European firms and companies. She started Afidavit.com in the aim of providing inexpensive legal services with top quality to the clients. She is also the head of our editorial department and his junior councils work as authors under her for creating and publishing content on various blogs.

Jameel Rana

M.A. LLB (Associate Editor and Growth Analyst @afidavit.com)

Jameel is an experienced and well-known business, commercial, and family issues, advocate. He is an associate editor at afidavit.com and also provides on-demand and on-call legal consultation services.

He loves to write on legal matters to share basic knowledge and information with our audience. His writings also appeared on Entrepreneur, Bloomberg and Forbes blogs. His junior counsel consists of well qualified professionals and they also assists in drafting blog posts for afidavit site.


Muhammad Yousaf

Phd holder, educationist and associate editor

Yousaf holds a PhD in Engineering and he is 3 times winner of a fully funded scholarship. It is his passion to write on education related topics. He is a popular educationist, scholarships mentor and well known personality on social media. His passion is to write on academic research, educational tutorials and opportunities that law students can benefit from.
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