Affidavit of Name Change

Affidavit of Name Change – Name Change Affidavit – Name Change Certificate

Affidavit of One - Same Name Affidavit - Legal Name Change Document

Affidavit of name change or the name change affidavit is filed by an affiant for the purpose of changing the name or for the modification in the first or last name. An affidavit for the name change is also useful if you are using more than one name than the beneficiaries requires your names to be legally registered for the sake of confidence and trust.

What is Affidavit of a name change?

This is a legal document that ensures that the new name you have chosen for yourself is legally yours and there is no impropriety in it. An affiant may file an affidavit to change the name in matters where the name modification or name change is required such as after marriage, divorce or other matters.

What is Affidavit of one and the Affidavit of Same Person?

This is a kind of affidavit that is used when a person is using more than one name without changing his or her name legally. It may also be called an affidavit of one and the Affidavit of same person, meaning the two or more names refers to one or the same person.

Affidavit of One is usually used when you have different names on your educational documents, initials are missing, middle or last name skipped or you are using a different name without the name change affidavit.

What is Affidavit of the Same Name?

Affidavit of the same name is used as a marker in identifying a person having multiple names or new names. The person having this affidavit of same name verifies that the several names or the new name belong to this person in charge of the document. A blood relative who knows about the person and his or her several names signs this affidavit of the same name.

What is Same Name Affidavit?

Same name affidavit is a document in which the person enlists all the names under his or her use. The different names such as his maiden name, after marriage name, new name or all the different names that are over his or her documents are written on the affidavit. Same Name Affidavit allows that all the different names can be used legally by the person.

What is a Name Change Certificate?

Name change certificate is another form of the legal document a person can have to show up in any case for his legal authentication.

Name Change Certificate is of official value having all the registered information about the name change. Name Change Certificate is made after paying the due fees and giving the required documents as an evidence.

Difference between Name Change Certificate & Affidavit of Name Change?

A name change certificate is issued by the court orders and you can change your legal name from your other documents while an affidavit of the name change is when you identify yourself with other names not ordered by the court or any means.

What is the legal name change document?

When one wishes to change his legal name the document to be issued is called the legal name change document.

Legal name is the person’s first name or the name that can be used legally in any documents or court orders. It may also refer to the first name that is legally documented on your birth certificate.

Is Affidavit enough for the name change?

After you issue a name change affidavit, depending upon your country’s laws and regulations, at times the affidavit of a name change is enough for the name change and at some places, an official issue of name change in newspaper gazettes is important as well.


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