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Affidavit of Residence – Residency Affidavit – How to write Affidavit of Residence?

Documents considered as Residence Proof - How to obtain Residence Affidavit?

Residency Affidavit is a type of an affidavit on which an affiant states the current residence address. It is very necessary for those people who yet don’t have proper proof of their residence. Affidavit of Residence is a document that should be notarized. That means, it should be signed by a notary public. A Proof of Residence Affidavit is used in different situations. Affidavit of residence may be required for registering your stay in a specific area to admit your child to a public school in a particular district.

The circumstances under which an Affidavit of Residence is needed

Residency affidavit is necessary to document while applying for a driver’s license and a utility bill on your name may also be required. In most of the cases, you need to provide Notarized Affidavit of Residence. When you are on rent or have moved from one place to another recently, then you may not have required address proof. So, in that case, Affidavit of Residence can be used as a proof of your address. Listed below are some of the situations under which Affidavit of Residence is required.

  • While admitting your child in public school
  • After admission, if a child is moving to another school in a district.
  • Applying for driver’s license in a state to which you have moved
  • Verifying address as per court or business requirements
  • In case of divorce, it is necessary to prove the residence of parents for the purpose of school registration of their child.

How to write a proof of your Residence to make Affidavit of Residence?

To write a Proof of your residence, we need to complete some documentation and follow the right procedure. Signature of landlord and supporting documents like present lease agreement, property purchasing contract, and current utility bill are the most important things to write in your affidavit of residence and then you can get it notarized. And most of the organizations demand notarized Affidavit of Residence.

Before you write Affidavit of residence, you have to consult your landlord and notary. Without their consent, you cannot move further. As it is a simple document, it can be written by following some of the steps mentioned below:

  • Heading of the letter: The heading should be “Affidavit of Residence” or “Proof of Residence”. It should be bold and large in size.
  • Date the letter: As it is an official document, it should be dated. The date must be written two lines below the centered heading aligned to the right side.
  • Contact Information: It should include full legal name, Address, phone number, E-mail address. It should be written under the header and below the subject aligned to the left side.
  • Addressing the company or individual: It is the starting point of your residency letter. You should start your residency letter by addressing the individual or company or institution which asked for Affidavit of Residence.

How to prove your residence on a legal document?

Residency proofing is a system that proves your residence of a particular place. Sometimes proving your residency is necessary when you try to prove your eligibility to get government benefits and involve in government programs. There are so many ways or methods to prove residence in a certain location where you are living.

  • Identification of local requirements

It is quite necessary to determine the specific requirements like the local organizations or colleges or universities which asked for the proof of Residence. It can be searched on a website related to these local bodies or state statute to prove your residence. Another way that can be followed in this method is to identify the commonly used identification proofs like utility bills of water or electric, gas or bank statement etc.

  • Proofing of residency of college

Under this method, one can join a college which would ask for residential proof in the state. They will ask you to reside in the state either for one year or three to six months during tuition time. It is very important for the student to prove his residence in advance before starting their semester.

  • Notarized Affidavit of Residence

It is one of the best ways to prove your residence. By writing Affidavit of Residence, you can prove your address. But while writing it, you should follow the prescribed format that is preferred by the notary and it should be stamped by a notary public.

Documents considered as proof of residence

There are some documents that you can use as your address proof. The name of these documents along with document numbers can also be used while writing a letter of residence to obtain residency affidavit. Some are the documents like utility bills, lease agreement, property tax receipts, insurance card, Voter ID, and college enrollment papers can be used as proof of address.

How to obtain Affidavit of Residence without supportive documents?

If there are no supportive documents like a lease agreement or utility bills etc., then you can write an Affidavit of residence on stamp paper and attach at least one supportive document with it to get it attested by local notary public service. After that, get a sign from the Notary Public and you can utilize it as address proof of yours in various circumstances like applying for driver’s license.

Affidavit of Residence is very useful for those people who do not have proper documents to prove their address. Consultation with the landlord and notary is very important in the preparation of Affidavit of Residence. You need to have some supportive documents to write the Affidavit of Residence and then it can be attested by the notary to obtain the final Notarized Affidavit of Residence.  By reading this article, you can get the basic knowledge about Affidavit of Residence. This helps you to understand the meaning and needs of the Affidavit of Residence.


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