Affidavit of Support

How to Write an Affidavit of Support?

Letter of Immigration: How to write an Affidavit Letter of Immigration

An affidavit of support is normally characterized as a legal paper that is signed by the person who wants to sponsor any relative of his or her to the US and assures full guarantee of their financial responsibility. This paper works as swearing of the person signing onto it. The person is then on responsible under the laws of the state to take care of his or her relative and aid financial support.

How do you write an Affidavit of support?

You may not require writing an affidavit of support as in certain cases it is readily available on the state’s judicial website or can be taken from the court clerk. However, if you want your affidavit to be handwritten for some personal reasons then you will be affiant and you can follow this below procedure:

Here are the 10 steps to write an Affidavit of Support:

  1. Take a clean blank white paper.
  2. Write at the top center of paper the title, “Affidavit of Support“.
  3. Start the affidavit by introducing yourself; your full name, residential address, and date of birth.
  4. Write down your willingness of taking up the responsibility of the person you are sponsoring.
  5. Write down a clear yet concise oath taking statement affirming the responsibility of the finances of the person you’re sponsoring.
  6. Attach a copy of your bank statement or other financial documents.
  7. The day and date of the writing must be mentioned.
  8. Sign this document.
  9. Get it signed and sealed by a notary or court clerk.
  10. This is your self-written Affidavit of Support

This is a simple way of writing an Affidavit of support. However, the pattern may vary.

How do you write an Affidavit letter for immigration?

An affidavit letter for immigration is also called an I-864P affidavit form. Through this affidavit letter, you request the immigration of the person you are sponsoring. This Affidavit letter functions as an oath to the statements written below the oath and holds you responsible for the sponsor’s financial assistance till he or she is granted citizenship or has lived in the US for 10 years.

You can write an Affidavit letter for immigration as follows:

  • From the state judicial website, download an I-864P form or directly get it from the court clerk. This acts as an Affidavit letter for immigration.
  • Write down all the answers to the questions given on the form.
  • You have to mention your full name, your address, your date of birth, your relationship with the person you’re sponsoring, your reason for filling the Affidavit, complete information of the immigrant.
  • You have to mention your financial status which should meet a specific criterion. If not, you must mention the cash value of your property in the hold or the combined income of you and your household member that is either your child or spouse or any other legal relation.
  • Attach documents such as your bank statement, birth certificate, passport, taxes paid in the last year for the verification of the member of the state.
  • Signature the affidavit and get it notarized and sealed by a notary or the court clerk.

Create Affidavit of Support (Preview)


Note: An Affidavit of Support is required to be notarized.

I, the affiant. [AFFIANT NAME], born in [DATE OF BIRTH] on [YEAR OF BIRTH]. 


1.That the intending immigrant [APPLICANT NAME] born in [DATE], [MONTH], on [YEAR OF BIRTH] is my [RELATIONSHIP].

  1. That the Applicant intends to visit and remain in [COUNTRY NAME] for [PURPOSE FOR VISITNG].
  2. That I am a legal resident and permanent citizen of [COUNTRY NAME].
  3. That I hold a full-time employment as a  [JOB TITLE], at the [EMPLOYER COMPANY NAME] and possess sufficient income as well as assets to be able to cover any expenses incurred by the applicant while they remain in [COUNTRY NAME].
  4. That I hold the financial capacity and stability to cover any other unplanned expenses incurred by the applicant while they remain in [COUNTRY NAME]
  5. That I fully take the responsibility to provide financial support to the applicant when and as needed as well as to cover for any other liabilities incurred by them.

The affiant’s necessary financial and personal documents have been attached to the affidavit as proof of their financial stability.


Notary Signature & Stamp___________________________



Affiant Signature___________________________




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