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Authorization Letter Format: Writing an Authorization Letter (Auth. Letter) – Letter of Authorization Samples, Template

Letter of Authorization Writing in 3 Steps

The authorization letter is a kind of legal letter that grants rights to the other person by the person who hold’s native rights.

Meaning of Authorization letter

The distribution of power and jurisdiction holds a key role in any society. The basis of this distribution lies in the authorization of power to appropriate individuals or institutions. Authorization letters are tools that serve the purpose of giving authority and responsibility.

Authorization letters can have very diverse uses, like for instance, they can be utilized for:

  • Motives of business
  • Personal grounds
  • Credit Cards
  • Bank deals
  • Insurance and medical services
  • Consent of children

Grammar is a must while writing an authorization letter. Make sure your statements are grammatically correct. Assigning an authority to decide on one’s behalf is a giant task; you do not want the authority to be exploited, or your words misinterpreted. Therefore refrain yourself from the use of double meaning words. Use clear words and statements to convey what you want out of it.

Avoid vague and unclear statements. Instruct the appropriate person clearly and exactly regarding the given authority or responsibility Your signature and date are the elements that should necessarily be added. Anyone around you, including your family, friends, companions or subordinates, can be issued an authorization letter. Use official language while writing such letters as you do not want something as serious as authority to me misused just because of your indistinct words.

Legal matters are mostly what such letters revolve around, appropriate laws must be referred to in such cases. Some key points must be a part  of your letter, a few of them are listed as under:

  • The time limit for the authorization
  • Last date of the authorization period
  • The duration of the authorization for a particular job.

Your Authorization letter can be exploited in any event if you have not mentioned the key points above. Explain how you are related to the person being given the authority if you are writing a personal authorization letter.

How to Write an Authorization Letter?

Whether your letter is for a personal reason, or either it is by a government body, in any event, some guidelines must be abided by while writing such a letter. These are discussed below:

  • Make a rough sketch or outline, specify in the outline the salient features that are to be included in the letter.
  • Tell the reader what he has to do with the use of explicit and uncomplicated words
  • Abstain from the use of vague or double meaning words.
  • Keep it short. Do not use long sentences. Longer the sentence, greater the uncertainty in it and greater the chances of misinterpretation.
  • Your letter should comprise of brief and understandable statements as a small misapprehension can cause chaos in such matters
  • The reader needs to know the time bracket within which he has to perform his task, therefore, the mentioning of a deadline is advisable.
  • The selection of the deadline must be in accordance with what you are comfortable with. Try not to accommodate any kind of dubiety or confusion.
  • The utmost importance is held by the month and year, in the mentioning of the date. Mentioning them will prevent any sort of misunderstanding.
  • A suggestion of a suitable method to the reader, for the achieving of the given task, is also permissible.
  • Use explicit, clear and understandable language.
  • Guesses would not work for you. The information provided must be accurate.
  • Try not to be humorous or informal in your letter, or else your reader won’t take your letter seriously. Be professional in your letter
  • Do not use harsh or negative language. Close the letter positively

Letter of Authorization Format

You have now understood the purpose of an Authorization letter. In order to prepare an authorization letter, knowledge of the following points is a must:

  • Apart from the rights owner and the person being asked to carry out a task, a party that acts in the absence of the owner, called a proxy, is also involved in such matters. This makes a total of 3 parties that usually are involved in the process.
  • The second part is mainly the receiver of the letter. However, the letter is inclusive of proxy rights.
  • The handwritten letter is unprofessional and sometimes not easy to understand. Therefore a typed letter is preferred.

#1 Writing the Authorization Letter Heading

  • Do everything according to the business format of letter writing. The top right corner the letter should be where you put your name and address
  • Your name goes in the first line
  • The Second line is the seat of your street address
  • Your City, Zip code and state name must be added in the third line
  • The line following your name and address must be skipped and complete date must be added in the line below it.
  • Skip a line again and enter your recipient, the second party’s address. Do not add the address of the proxy as the letter is directed to the second party.

#2 Writing the Body of the Authorization Letter

  • The salutation is an important part of the body. It comprises the full name of the recipient. Titles such as Dr., Mr., Mrs., are also permissible.
  • Keep it simple and Short. Avoid writing an extensive letter
  • Go in detail about the authorization. However, avoid unnecessary detail and explain what needs to be explained about it.
  • The beginning and end dates of the authorization period are a must to be added.
  • Explain to the reader, the reason behind the authorization. The purpose of the authorization is an important part of the letter.
  • Surely the authorization cannot have unlimited powers. If there is an area where the authorization is restricted, state it. Details of the limitations of the proxy’s powers are obligatory to be added.
  • “Sincerely”, “Truly”, “Faithfully”, are some of the words that can be used to conclude your letter. Line space is necessary before writing your complete name at the end, so it makes it easier for you to sign in with a pen.

#3 Completion of the formality of the Authorization Letter

  • Authenticating your letter or having a witness for it is preferable.
  • Get the letter signed by the witness as well as signing it yourself. Make use of only blue or black ink in the signature
  • For record maintenance, keep a copy of the letter of authorization.

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