Child Care Contract

Child Care Contract Definition: Child Care Contract Online Template, Sample, Format, Example

Define Child Care Contract

A contract between parents or guardians and child care providers is a Child Care Contract. The contract states the terms regarding child care for parents or guardians.

Other Names of Child Care Contract:

Child Care Contract is also referred to as the following terms:

  • Babysitter Contract 
  • Child Care Services Agreement
  • Child Care Agreement
  • Daycare Contract 
  • Nanny Contract 
  • Babysitter Agreement

Who needs a Contract for Child Care?

Anyone who wants to define the terms and conditions of child care can draw up a child care contract. These include:

  • Parents and guardian employing a child care provider for their ward.
  • Individuals who provide child care services like babysitters, au pair and nannies who want to set out the details regarding their services with parents or guardians.
  • Organizations that provide child care services like daycares or after school programs would also want to draw up details of services with the parents.

Child Care Contract Payment Mode

To prevent any disputes regarding payments in the future both the parties, the child care provider and the parent should clearly state the payment and fees which both the parties acknowledge and agreed upon for the services.

For example, an outline of a child care contract:

  • The rate at which the services will be charged that can either be hourly or a flat fee.
  • Whether or not parties agree to include or exclude sales tax in the fee.
  • If the client agreed on how much amount of security is to be deposited.
  • When will the provider be paid for their services, weekly, monthly, etc?
  • When is the payment due after receiving the invoice?
  • In case of late payment, how much interest will be charged?

Purpose of Child Care Contract:

A contract leaves no ambiguity regarding the child care services, but it can be used to set out details not limited to child care service:

  • Details about what services will be provided by the service provider, like snacks and meals, supervision, tutoring, and other activities.
  • How will the child care service provider be paid, the contract can specify the mode, cost and how late the payments can be made.
  • Whether the expenses made by the provider be reimbursed.
  • Whether or not the service provider is asking for a money deposit as security.
  • Does the client have any vehicle or facility that the provider use in order to provide child care services

A child care contract may include extra clauses that both parties agreed on which provide protection to the client and service provider.

  • Confidentiality: A confidentiality clause would stop the provider from disclosing sensitive information about the child or child’s parents or guardian.
  • Duty of Care: A standard is defined that the child care provider must meet.
  • Limitation of liability: Depending on the circumstances these clauses would help service providers limiting their exposure to lawsuits.

Child Care Contract associated documents:

#1 Contract Addendum: Contract Addendum simply alters the existing contract instead of creating a new one.

#2 Child Travel agreement: gives chaperone consent to travel with the child if the child’s parent is absent.

#3 Child Medical agreement: In the parent’s absence, the care provider can consent to medical treatment for the child.

#4 Document of Invoice: An invoice for the service provided by the service provider.

Child Care Contract – Child Care Agreement Template


Date: ________________________ Country: _______________________

Purpose of this agreement: ____________________________


  1.  The youngster care supplier is agreeable to offering such types of assistance to the customer. 
  2. The customer is of the supposition that the youngster care supplier has the important capabilities, experience, and capacities to offer types of assistance to the customer.

The classification of the issues depicted above and of the shared advantages and commitments set out right now, receipt and adequacy of which thought is thusly recognized, the customer and the kid care supplier (exclusively the ”Party” and all things considered the ”Parties” to this agreement) concur as follows:

Details of Provider of child care:



Detail of Client



Administrations PROVIDED 

The administrations will likewise incorporate whatever other errands which the Parties of this agreement and will stay in full power and impact inconclusively until ended as given in this agreement.

 The customer thus consents to draw in the kid care supplier to give the customer the accompanying administrations (the ”Services”): 




The Parties consent to do all things required to guarantee that the provisions of this agreement produce results.


The Child care supplier will be outfitted with the vital documentation so they may authorize clinical consideration for the child/children in case of a crisis and the parent(s) can’t become too.

Obligation OF CASE 

Child care gives under the provision of this Agreement, acknowledges a general obligation of care any place sensible and important.

Confinement OF LIABILITY 

It is comprehended and concurred that the Child care Provider will have no obligation to the Customer or some other gathering for any loss or harm (regardless of whether immediate, roundabout or significant) which may emerge from the arrangement of the administrations.


Aside from as in any case gave right now, fiscal sums referred to right now in USD (US DOLLARS).


The Child care Provider will charge the customer a level expense of $ ______________ for the Services (the ”Compensation”).

The customer will be invoiced when the administrations are finished.

Solicitations put together by the Child care Provider to the customer are due inside 30 days of receipt. 

If this Contract is ended by the Client before consummation of the administrations however where the administrations have been halfway played out, the Child care supplier will be qualified for professional rata installment of the pay to the date of end given that there has been no rupture of agreement with respect to the Child care supplier.

the pay as expressed right now excludes deals charge or other material obligations as might be legally necessary. Any business duty and obligations legally necessary will be charged to the Client in expansion to the pay.

Terms and conditions

If either Party wishes to end this agreement, the Party can do so promptly by serving composed notification on the other party. 

THE TERM OF THIS CONTRACT (THE ”Term”) will start on the date of this agreement and will stay in full power and effect uncertainly until ended as given right now.

With the exception of as in any case given right now, commitments of the Child care Provider will end upon the end of this Contract. 

If either Party breaks a material arrangement under this Contract, the non-defaulting Party may end this agreement quickly and require the defaulting Party to repay the non-defaulting party against every single sensible harm.


The youngster care supplier will be repaid every now and then for sensible and essential expenses brought about by the kid care supplier in the association will offer the types of assistance.

All costs must be pre-affirmed by the customer.


Secret data (the ”Confidential data”) alludes to any information or data identifying with the customer, regardless of whether business or individual, which would sensibly be viewed as private or exclusive to the customer and that isn’t commonly known and where the arrival of that classified data could sensibly be relied upon to make hurt the customer.

The parties each concur that won’t uncover, unveil, uncover, report or use, for any reason, any classified data having a place with the other party which they have gotten through the operation of the agreement, except as authorized by that Party or as legally necessary. The commitments of privacy will apply during the term and will endure the endless supply of this agreement.


Upon the lapse or end of this agreement, the youngster care supplier will come back to the customer any property, documentation, records, or private data which is the property of the customer. 


In offering the types of assistance under this agreement it has explicitly concurred that the youngster care supplier is going about as a self-employed entity and not as a worker. The kid care supplier and the customer information that this agreement doesn’t make an association or joint endeavor among them, and is solely an agreement for administration. The customer isn’t required to pay or make any contributions to, any social security, local, state or federal tax, unemployment compensation, workers compensation, insurance premium, profit-sharing, pension or during the term when any other employee gets an advantage for the child care provider. The child care supplier is answerable for paying and consenting to detail prerequisites for, all nearby, state and government charges identified with installments made to the child care supplier under this agreement.


The Parties recognize that this Contract is not-exclusive and that either Party will be free, during and after the term, to draw in or contract with outsiders for the arrangement of administrations like the administrations.


All notification, solicitations, requests, or different interchanges required or allowed by the conditions of this agreement will be given recorded as a hard copy and conveyed to the Parties at the accompanying locations.



or on the other hand to such different address as either gathering may every once in awhile inform the other, and will be regarded to be appropriately delivered (an) immediately after being served by and by, (b) two days in the wake of being stored with the postal help whenever served by enlisted mail, or (c) the next day in the wake of being saved with a medium-term messenger.


But to their degree paid in settlement from any relevant protection arrangements, and to the degree allowed by material law, each gathering consents to repay a hold innocuous the other Party, and its individual partners, officers, agents, employees and allowed successors and assigns that happens regarding this agreement. This repayment will endure the end of this agreement.

Adjustment OF CONTRACT

Any change or alteration of this agreement or extra commitment accepted by either Party regarding this agreement might be official whenever prove recorded as a hard copy marked by each gathering or an approved delegate of each group.


It concurs that there is no portrayal, guarantee, insurance understanding or condition influencing this agreement aside from as explicitly given right now.


This agreement will guarantee to the advantage of and be official on the groups and their individual beneficiaries, agents, administrators and allowed successors and allocates.


Headings are embedded for the convenience of the parties just and are not to be viewed as when deciphering this agreement.


Words in the particular mean and incorporate the plural and the other way around. Words in the masculine mean and incorporate the feminine and the other way around.


This agreement will be represented by and built as per the laws of the State of. 


The waiver by either Party of a rupture, default, deferral or oversight of any of the arrangements of this agreement by the other party won’t be translated as a waiver of any subsequent break of the equivalent or different arrangements.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Parties have properly attached their marks under hand and seal on this____ day of___,____. _____, _____(client) ______.


If any of the arrangements of this Contract are held to be invalid or unenforceable in entire or partially, all different arrangements will by the by keeping on being substantial and enforceable with the invalid or unenforceable parts cut off from the rest of this agreement.

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