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Cleaning Service Agreement Definition, Cleaning Service Agreement Format, Template, Sample

Define Cleaning Services Agreement

A cleaning service agreement that involves building a management company, realtor, office manager or homeowner and contractors whether individuals or professional cleaning companies, is known as Cleaning Service Agreement. The agreement is an arrangement between the client who’s seeking cleaning services and the contractor who is ready to provide cleaning services, agreement lists down the terms and conditions.

Individuals working as independent housemaids or janitors can also write up a contract with their employer to clearly define their roles and duties to perform.

Other Names used for the agreement of cleaning services are:

  • Maid Service Agreement 
  • Cleaning Services Agreement 
  • Housekeeping Agreement 
  • Janitorial Cleaning Services Contract 
  • Residential Cleaning Services Contract

Why do an individual providing/seeking cleaning services need a Cleaning Services Agreement

A client can better communicate their expectation for what sort of cleaning services they want from the contractor, the client can go into details about each of the cleaning task and the level of service they want, for example, a certain furniture wood is cleaned with a specific chemical or the number vacuuming the house or the furniture requires in a week.

The client using the agreement can schedule recurring cleaning services whether it is weekly or monthly, the client can draw up an agreement for the recurring cleaning job. Clients can acquire the services on an annual basis like spring cleaning or annual carpet cleaning. Maids are paid hourly so it’s better that they know what is required of them on their visits.

Writing down the terms and conditions is important because terms are set and agreed upon by the parties, which makes the working smoother, for instance, some days of work are suitable than others which can be specified by the client.

Small business owners who have a small setup with a limited number of employees can acquire the cleaning or janitorial services like trash collection, cleaning, and disinfecting washrooms, of company or individuals.

The agreement gives independent maid or janitor legal security in case of any payment dispute, not only that it assures their prospective client professional credential and apart from managing their client, but it also maintains their self-employment records.

 Cleaning Service Associated Agreement Documents

  • Agreement of Independent Contractor: A contract between an independent contractor and a client that outlines the terms and conditions of the service or work provided
  • Computer Services Agreement: This agreement is drawn up when a client is offered computer-based services which include installation, repairs, updates, and others.
  • Catering Services Agreement: A services agreement that is drawn up between a caterer and a client that sets out the services that will take place over one or more events for a defined time period.

What information is needed for a Cleaning Services Agreement?

A Cleaning Service Agreement contains the following details:

  • Is the agreement for a recurring or a one-time cleaning job.
  • Which location and what time of day the client requires cleaning.
  • Who will provide Cleaning tools and consumables
  • Contact details of both client and contractor.
  • At what rate the contractor is paid and whether or not a deposit is required.


Date: ________________________ Country: _______________________

Purpose:  ____________________________________________________________


The Contractor agrees in providing such services to the client on the terms and conditions specified in this agreement.

The Client requires the cleaning services and considers the Contractor capable of providing the services the client requires.

CONSIDERING the issues mentioned above and the  advantages and responsibilities altogether set out in this agreement, the receipt and sufficiency of which consideration is herewith acknowledged, the client and Contractor agree in such a way:


The venue where the services are needed:



The Client herewith agrees to get involved with  the contractor to provide the client with the following services:



Time when the event and delivery of the service is needed:



The services will also include any other services which both the parties agreed upon. The Contractor HEREWITH agrees to assist with such services to the customer.


Any information or data relating to the client is considered to be confidential information, whether related to work or personal life, something that is not generally known and the release of information that is mentioned can cause damage to the customer.

There is an agreement between the parties to not disclose, divulge, report, use or reveal any confidential information about the other party which they came to know through the operation of the agreement, except where authorization is given by the party or the law allows it. The confidentiality will be obligated during the term of the agreement and remain so even after its termination.


This agreement will be in full force and effect from the date of this agreement until the end of the service, services can be terminated earlier as mentioned in the agreement. The parties can agree and extend the term of service.


To ensure that the terms of the agreement take effect the party involved will take the necessary steps.


All Monetary amounts mentioned in this agreement will be in ‘____’, except otherwise mentioned in the agreement.


  • The client will be charged a flat fee of ‘____’ for the services provided.
  • After the completion of the service, the client will be invoiced.
  • Upon receiving the invoice, the client is obligated to pay within 30 days.
  • Upon termination of the agreement by the client prior to the service completion date even though partial services have been provided, in such case the caterer is benefited to an annual payment of the compensation to the date of ending period provided that there were no issues during the contract.
  • The Compensation mentioned in the agreement will exclude sales tax or any other government obligation. Sales tax and duties will be charged in addition to the compensation.


Upon the lapse or end of this Agreement, the Contractor will come back to the Client any property, documentation, records, or Confidential Information which is the property of the Client.


In offering the Types of assistance under this Agreement it explicitly concurs that the Contractor is going about as a self-employed entity and not as a representative. The Contractor and the Client recognize that this Agreement doesn’t make an organization or joint endeavor.

among them, and is solely an agreement for service. The Client isn’t required to pay, or make any commitments to, any standardized savings, local, state or government charge, joblessness remuneration, laborers’ pay, protection premium, benefit-sharing, annuity or some other representative advantage for the Contractor during the Term. The Contractor is liable for paying and conforming to announcing prerequisites for, all local, state and government charges identified with installments settled on to the Contractor under this Agreement. 

Rights may be applied by the Government

Aside from as in any case gave in this contract, the Contractor will have full command over working time, strategies, and dynamic compared to the arrangement of the Services as per the Agreement. The Contractor will work self-sufficiently and not at the heading of the Client. Be that as it may, the Contractor will be receptive to the sensible needs and worries of the Client.


Aside from as in any case mentioned in this contract, the Contractor will give at the Contractor’s own cost, any gear, embellishments, synthetic compounds, solvents, cleaning liquids, workwear and some other supplies important to convey the Services as per the Agreement.


The Parties recognize that this Agreement is non-restrictive and that either Party will be free, during and after the Term, to connect with or contract with outsiders for the arrangement of administrations like the Services.


All notification, solicitations, requests or different interchanges required or allowed by the conditions of this Agreement will be given in writing and conveyed to the Parties at the accompanying locations: 

  1. _______________________________________________________________________________________


  1. _______________________________________________________________________________________

or on the other hand to such different address as either Party may every once in a while tell the other, and will be regarded to be appropriately conveyed (a) promptly after being served by and by, (b) two days after being saved with the postal assistance whenever served by enlisted mail, or (c) the following day after saved with a medium-term dispatch.


But to the increased paid in settlement from any appropriate insurance policies, and to the escalation allowed by pertinent law, each Party consents to repay and hold innocuous the other Party, and its particular partners, officials, specialists, workers, and allowed successors and allocates against all cases, losses, harms, liabilities, penalties, correctional damages, costs, sensible lawful charges and expenses of any sort or sum at all, which result from or emerge out of any demonstration or exclusion of the reimbursing party, its separate associates, officials, operators, representatives, and allowed successors and distribute that happens regarding this Agreement. This reimbursement will go through the end of this Agreement.


Any correction or change of this Agreement or extra commitment accepted by either party regarding this Agreement may be authoritative whenever confirm recorded in writing marked by each Party or an approved agent of each Party.


It concurs that there is no representation, guarantee, security understanding or condition influencing this Agreement with the exception of as explicitly given here in the contract.


This Agreement will enure to the advantage of and be official on the Parties and their particular beneficiaries, agents, heads and allowed successors and allocates.


Headings are inserted for the comfort of the Parties just and are not to be viewed as when deciphering this Agreement.


Time is of the substance in this contract. No expansion or variety of this Agreement will work as a waiver of this arrangement.


The Contractor won’t willfully, or by the activity of law, allocate or in any case move its commitments under this Agreement without the earlier composed assent of the Client.


Words in the solitary mean and incorporate the plural and the other way around. Words in the masculine mean, what’s more, incorporate the feminine and vice


This Agreement will be administered by and translated as per the laws of the State of Alabama.


If any of the arrangements of this Agreement are held to be invalid or unenforceable in entire or partially, all different arrangements will by the by keeping on being legitimate and enforceable with the invalid or unenforceable parts cut off from the rest of this Agreement.


The waiver by either party of default, breach, postponement or exclusion of any of the arrangements of this Agreement by the other party won’t be interpreted as a waiver of any consequent break of the equivalent or different arrangements. 

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Parties have appropriately appended their marks under hand and seal on this _______ day of ___________, ________. 

‘____________________’ Date:‘____’
Signature of the Client required

‘____________________’ Date:‘____’
Signature of Contractor required


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