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Colorado Affidavit of Small Estate Form

Colorado Small Estate Affidavit form download

Colorado is a Western US state famous for its diverse landscapes, deserts, and snow covered mountains. Colorado state law allows the heirs to collect and transfer the property of a decedent through an affidavit of heirship and small estate affidavit 10 days after the death of the owner. Colorado estate affidavit also called ‘Collection of Personal Property by Affidavit’ can be used only if the total value of the property of the decedent is less than $64,000. This affidavit saves the beneficiaries from a long probate process. The small estate affidavit is presented to the person who is in possession of the decedent’s property. After checking this document, it is obligatory upon the person holding the property to surrender it to the legal heirs.

Download Colorado Affidavit of Small Estate Form

Affidavit of Small Estate for Colorado

County of: ___________
State of: Colorado

This Affidavit of the small estate is executed for the purpose of establishing [AFFIANT NAME] as a legal heir for the herein mentioned estate of the Decedent.

  1.     The decedent [DECEDENT NAME], has died on [DATE OF DEATH], in the county of [COUNTY] and State of [STATE].
  2.     The decedent passed away [days elapsed] days ago.
  3.     An attested copy of the death certificate of the decedent is attached to this document.
  4.     I [HEIR’S NAME], am an heir to the decedent’s estate which has no will attributed to it and is not under administration by any court of [STATE].
  5.     There is no other individual who has been deemed eligible for the transfer of decedent’s estate mentioned herein.
  6.   List of all Property Included in the estate



The overall value of all estate combined is: ____________________


I reside at ___________________ , ________________ , _________________. [RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS]

I can be contacted through my Phone number: [PHONE NUMBER] or email address: [EMAIL ADDRESS].


Affiant’s Signature______________________



Notary Signature_______________________
My commission Expires:__________________



(Notary Seal)__________________________


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