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Contract Addendum: Contract Addendum Template, Contract Addendum Format, Contract Addendum Form

Contract Addendum Document Format

Contract Addendum is a document used to make minor changes to an existing contract. The contract addendum is actually an additional clause added to a previous contract without the requirement of approval.

The contract addendum form and template in PDF and Word are available for download at the end of the article.

Other names of Contract Addendum are:

A Contract Addendum is also called as:

  • Addendum only
  • Contract amendment
  • Amending Agreement document

Definition of Contract Addendum

This contract is a formal statement that makes one or more amendments to a current contract without any disapproval. A Contract Addendum is an additional statement to the previous contract. 

When would it be advisable for me to use a Contract Addendum?

A Contract Addendum is advisable to be utilized when there is to make a few alterations to a contract or proclamation. Usually, these circumstances have to opt when the contract is not working out the way it should be in the first place, For example, change of date or if you require to add or remove a statement.

Following are the circumstances you can utilize Contract Addendum: 

  • You are changing the major job description in an employment agreement. A contract addendum would be separately used with the original contract and would be signed by both employer and employee.
  • You hired a freelance (for example writer or artist) to complete the task by a particular date yet the contractor couldn’t make it up on time, Now a contract addendum will be attached with the original contract because of the change in date. This is how more time would be taken to accomplish the task.
  • As an owner, you and your renter had an agreement. Later you realized that you won’t be able to make some small maintenance work throughout the property. If the renter goes along with the contract addendum then both of you can sign the new terms. 

If there are main changes in the contract and everything needs a change, then it’s a chance that you need to make a new statement completely. If the primary concerns of the agreement are changing, for example, if you are moving to a similar apartment in a similar investment property It is very reasonable for make another agreement as opposed to experiencing all the adjustments in the present agreement (address change, security store sum change, and so on.). 

What are the points that should be involved in the contract Addendum?

Following are the information that a Contract Addendum should contain:

The names of the groups whether that’s an individual, corporation or company should be added in the Contract Addendum. There shouldn’t be any change in its font size, typeface and edges of the original contract. However, that is not mandatory If we talk about the legal way to remain the previous look of the contract in the addendum, It is just because to show that both the groups are intentionally making the change.

The date of the agreement addendum is to be marked by the two groups. You can pick ”uncertain” in the overview structure when both the groups don’t know about the date of marking the report. All the previous explanation in the contract should also be required in contract Addendum along with the date that the agreement was signed.

What is the complexity between a Contract Addendum and consents and waivers?

A Contract Addendum is described to be the addition to the specific terms and conditions to a current contract without removing the whole agreement. Delaying a violation of a contract or making the changes can be done during the agreement without using an addendum. In the conditions of lawful agreements, assent or waivers is the optional consent to continue with the agreement even though a minor term was not affirmed. 

For the most part, It is to be viewed as that addendum changes an agreement as a waiver justify negligence of the piece of an agreement. 

Another possibility is that maybe one group agrees to violate terms and conditions based on the situation. For instance, If an artist should be in front of an audience at a spot on a specific time yet is getting late, The spot may agree to allow an artist to go in front of an audience later at night. 

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Contract Addendum Template – Amending Agreement

This changing understanding dated _______day of _______________.

Between: _________________ of the initial segment.

Furthermore, ________.

Of the subsequent part:


  1. __________________ and _________________ (The “groups”) joined into the agreement (the “contract”) dated March 12, 2020, for the reason for _______________
  2. The groups wish to change the agreement on the footing and conditions set forward right now (The “Understanding”)
  3. This correction is the underlying alteration to the agreement.
  4. References to this Agreement to the agreement are to the agreement that as some time ago corrected or contrasted.


The agreement is corrected as follows:

  1. _______________________
  2. _______________________

No other Alteration 

  1. Prohibit as in any case straightforwardly gave right now, of the terms and conditions will continue as before and in full power and impact.

Unpredictable Terms 

  1. Promoted terms not in any case laid out during this understanding can have the implications attributed to them inside the agreement. Headings are embedded for the accommodation of the groups exclusively and don’t appear to be considered once disturbing this Agreement. Words inside the solitary mean and grasp the plural and vice versa. Words inside the manly grasp the female and vice versa. No respect for sexual orientation is implied by the language during this understanding.

Overseeing rule 

  1. Subject to the details of the agreement, the parties expect that this understanding, and each one suits and unique procedures underneath this understanding, be understood as per and controlled, to the prohibition of the law of the other discussion, by the laws of the territory of Alabama, while no significance the locale inside which any activity or extraordinary proceeding could likewise be founded.

In Witness wherever of the parties have punctually mounted their signatures beneath hand and seal on this __________day of.

Signatures Below:



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