Distributor Announcement Letter

Distributor Announcement Letter: Format, Sample, Template and Example

Letter of Distributor Announcement

The distributor announcement letter is issued by the product manufacturing company to the distribution firm in the agreement to liquidate their products through retailers in the market for a specified profit margin.

Distributor Definition and Job Role

All the goods to the retailers are supplied with the help of an agent who is called a distributor. He is an intermediate person who deals with retailers for specific products and also deals with the producers. So, he is some sort of middle man between the producer and retailer and his job duty is quite similar to the wholesaler.

After getting products from the producer, he goes to the retailer and asked about his interest in whether he is interested in selling the specific product in the market or not. If he is not interested, it is the duty of a distributor to convince the retailer about the product and influence him to buy this product for him. So, good communication skills must be required in the job of the distributor.

The art of convincing a retailer for a product by the distributor:

A good distributor must be convincing in his letter to persuade the retailer in quite an effective manner. His main focus should be on the qualities of the product and to tell the retailer how quickly it will sale in the market. So, a retailer must be assured that to deal with this distributor will be profitable for him. To ensure the retailer in the future he will also distribute the stable good supply of products is another duty of good distributor. If the distributor will attach the exhaustive history of effective transactions as proof of him, it will lead to more successful or trustworthy business partners.

Distributor Announcement Letter Format and Writeup Instructions

It is mandatory that a business letter should be as formal as possible. A proper message should be conveyed in the distributor announcement letter. So, you have to emphasize in the following this which are:

#1 Tone

Your tone must be polite and as well as official because you are going to write a distributor announcement letter.

#2 Content

It is quite important that all the details which are related to business and company should be declared. Make sure that the letter should be persuasive enough to convince the retailer that you are the best distributor. To make a business deal with you will be quite beneficial for him. 

#3 Information

Usually, detailed information is the key to writing a good letter. In this specific authorization letter, the complete detail of the company is required to mention. An entire detail of the product should also be provided in this letter.

#4 Short and accurate

Your letter must be short and to the point. The vocabulary which has been used in the letter must be simple. The letter must be informative or it should have a purpose so the person who is receiving the letter will get enough information.

Here a sample letter of distribution announcement given for your guidance:

Distributor Announcement Letter Sample, Template and Example

Priya Singh
Blue Waters
19, Yellow Estate

Aliya Seth,
Vice President

Subject: Distributor Announcement Letter

Respected sir,

I am the Spokesperson of Blue waters and I am very delighted to update you that we officially granted the authority of the distribution of fans in Delhi. As we just got a good response from our product in Mumbai also, so we just have decided to distribute our products in Delhi also. 

You are among our respected and old retailers and we just try our best to deliver quality products to you. As you know that our company is one of the most trusted companies in delivering stable products. When you sign a deal with us, you will be well aware of the fact that doing business with us just leads to success. We ensure the steady, timely and top-class delivery of our products. 

We will send you a batch of electric fans as a trial for your further satisfaction. If you will like it and approve it, we will be delighted to start a business with you.

Looking forward to your positive response and long partnership deal.

Thank you,
Priya Singh.

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