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Experience Certificate Writing Format/Outline – Certificate of Experience Template, Specimen, and Sample

The Experience Certificate is a professional document that verifies the employee’s work record, duration of work, and work ethics; at an organization. The Letter of Experience is also called Service Certificate.

While applying for a job at a new place, several essential documents are mandatory to submit. Each certificate and document has its significance and value. It would not be wrong to say that such documents can play as a game-changer in grabbing the new opportunity and withstand, among others.

Similarly, when people seek out a new job at another place, an experience certificate is necessary to provide. It helps the employers to learn and determine the capabilities, talents, and views of the candidate applying for a job.

Definition of Experience Certificate:

It is an essential document given by the organization to its employees after completing their duties at their workplace. That official letter indicates the years an employee spent at their workplace and the designation at which the employee was working. In short, this certificate of experience attests to the employee’s work record at the organization.

This certificate is also known as a Service Certificate or a Company’s Experience Certificate

Purpose of Experience Certificate:

The Certificate of Experience is an official document used to state various things about the employee; to attest the duration, designation, and work ethics of that employee at the previous job.

Format for Experience Certificate:

When we talk about the format pattern for the Experience Certificate, there are no such restrictions. Every organization or company has its format and way to construct a service experience certificate for the candidate.

This experience certificate consists of the following parts;

  • Employee’s years of experience at the ex-workplace.
  • Designation of Employee.
  • Roles and responsibilities related to his post.
  • Payscale.
  • Skills and knowledge that an employee had.
  • Art and methods that he had learned during the job.
  • Remarks by the employer (additional).

Sometimes, while applying to a new place for a job, the employer asks for an experience certificate. Hence, it is necessary to get your hands on it before leaving your previous job.

It also acts as proof that an employee had worked at the mentioned organization in real. Moreover, the employer also verifies the employees’ details mentioned in the CV with their experience certificate.

On the other hand, it also helps you to get an ampler pay as your previous pay package is written over it. But, every Experience certificate must contain a few points;

  1. Letterhead of Company:

Here, they will mention the company’s name on the top with its address, location, telephone number, e-mail Id, Website address, and lastly, the company’s registration number.

  1. Issuance Date:

It will consist of the date when the certificate was getting prepared.

  1. Salutation for a Specific Recipient:

Mention “To whom it may concern.”

  1. Name of Employee:

Make sure to write the correct and complete name of the employee. Avoid making spelling mistakes as it may cause a problem for the employee during the documentation process at a new workplace.

  1. Designation of Employee:

Mention the post at which the employee was working in the organization.

  1. Joining and Resignation Date:

It is essential to mention the dates on which the employee joined and resigned from the company.

  1. Employee’s Description:

It is crucial to write all the details related to the employee in the work experience certificate. Make sure the details are correct.

  1. Additional Remarks:

In this section, the employer adds special remarks for the employee (optional). Such comments should be formal and in a polite tone.

  1. Signature & Seal:

Lastly, the certificate will end with a signature and seal of the company.

Below is the sample or template for an Experience Certificate.

Experience Certificate Sample – Experience Certificate Template:

[Issued by:],
[Company’s Name:],
[Date of Issuance:],

To whom it may concern

It is to certify that Mr. /Miss. /Mrs. [Employee Name] started working in this organization on [Joining Date] and served here as [Designation of Employee] for [Years of service]. The employee resigned from the duties on [Resignation Date] and completed the tenure successfully with outstanding performance.

[Employer’s Additional Remarks],
[Other relevant details].

We wish [Employee Name] all the best for the future.


[Signatory’s Name and Designation],
[Contact number] (Optional).

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