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Follow-up Termination Letter Format, Templates, Samples and Examples

Followup Letter of Termination Sample, Template, Word File Download and Examples

Following is a sample of a follow-up letter of termination that can be given to a worker on the basis of being fired for a cause. This example is about an employee who misled buyers in regard to their role & role within the company.

The justification of the work termination is stated in this letter. After you’ve met with employee(s) being terminated, you can give this letter to them in person or send the letter requesting a return receipt.

Are you interested to view samples of letters for termination for a cause that you might send to a worker after the employee has been terminated? In this article, recommendations on an overall strategy are given which you can utilize while terminating an employee for cause.

Termination Letter for Cause Follow-up

Termination can happen for multiple reasons either intentionally or unintentionally as an obligation by an employer. The employer is never standing on a stronger base than when in a termination situation where the worker was terminated on solid grounds or for a cause. 

Once you’ve dealt with the termination meeting you can either give the letter of termination by hand to the employee or send it to their address along with a return receipt requested. It is necessary for the letter to be printed on the company’s stationery with the employer’s signature. 

You are most likely expected to prevent any conduct or acts that may be deemed unlawful before the termination for cause meeting. Furthermore, consulting a lawyer is always a good idea so you can take measures to eliminate any risks for discrimination. 

The worker’s termination meeting will be held in ordinary circumstances by the superior & the HR delegate. The termination meeting for cause should be held as soon as the company has the relevant & required documents, information, & evidence needed to terminate an individual. 

A termination letter briefs & records the minutes of the meeting exchanged at the meeting for termination. The following are some samples of termination letters that states why the employee is being terminated. 

Followup Termination Letter for Cause Sample and Format

The following is the situation of the example in which the following letter of termination was issued:

Situation: The employee deceived prospective buyers about his identity & position within the company. This fraudulent activity was displayed at a business event. Clients had been constantly going around asking for the Vice President of Marketing at the reception. During that period, there were no Vice Presidents in the small firm. A meeting for termination of the cause was called & this is the follow-up letter for termination. 

Date xx-xx-xxxx,
Mr. Michael Weber,
2020 Street,
Dallas, Texas 7543,
555 Main rd.
Downtown County 8900.

Subject: Termination Letter due to a reason

Dear Mr. Michael, 

This letter is a follow-up to our discussion in our meeting with you today. Your contract with our firm Mission Ace has been terminated for cause. This is effective immediately. 

As mentioned during the termination meeting, your work has been terminated in view of the fact that you were impersonating to be the Vice President of Mission Ace. Your actions have been an appalling breach because while you were the supervisor of our firm you misrepresented your position.

Moreover, by granting yourself the position of Vice President, which our firm does not have yet, you gave yourself the ability to make choices & assessments that did not fit with your definition of work.

In addition, your accrued Paid Time off (PTO) payment will be added to your final cheque from us which will be deposited on a conventional day, Monday. It can be collected at our reception desk or mailed to your address, the choice is yours. Let us know.        

The status of your benefit upon termination can be determined by a separate letter of benefits. Your letter will contain information about your ability to maintain your group health benefits under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA).

Your identification swiping pass, office key & the laptop & mobile provided by the organization were already given to us at the closing meeting.

You must ensure to keep the organization updated about your contact details so that we are able to provide you with documentation including your W-2 form & COBRA follow up in the future.

Please inform us if we can provide you with assistance during your transition.

Name of your manager or CEO. 

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