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What is a Home Repair Contract?

A Home Repair Contract is entered into by two parties, the homeowner who wants to receive home repair services and the Contractor company who will be providing the home repair services. This Contract informs both parties about the specific repairs that will be conducted, how much they will cost, and other terms and conditions of the service provision.

Home repair Contract Sample and Template Preview

Home Repair Contract Template

This home repair contract is executed and entered into by and between [Sender.Name] (referred to as the “Contractor” herein) and [Client.Name] (referred to as the “Homeowner” herein) for home repair services at the property located at [Property.Address].

 1. Scope of Work

The specific services needed for the home repair project are listed below:


2. Payment Terms

The Homeowner agrees to pay the full sum stated below for the aforementioned services:


Subtotal   ________________

Total    _____________

The homeowner promises to make a 50% payment of the “Total” sum mentioned above herein prior to any commencement of the home repair services and to make the other half payment immediately after all the aforementioned home repair services are completed. In case the Homeowner requested additional repair services outside of the scope of work agreed upon in this contract the Homeowner will be required to make additional payments accordingly for each additional service.

3. Project Schedule

The Contractor agrees to start the provision of services by [Project.StartDate] and complete the project by [Project.EndDate].

4. Terms & Conditions

    1. The Contractor will be considered an independent contractor when accounting for liability and taxes.
    2. Both parties warrant to provide the other party indemnification against any loss or damage claims pertaining to the home repair services conducted herein unless they take place due to the gross negligence or misconduct of either party.
    3. Both parties accept that the Contractor is granted the right to place a lien and withhold the property listed herein in case any payments are not made or are delayed by the Homeowner for the aforementioned services.
    4. The contractor is under the obligation to fulfill all the paperwork and documentation as well as obtain all the necessary permits and licensing needed to proceed with the home repair services mentioned herein.
    5. Both parties accept that this Home Repair Contract Agreement is the only legally binding and enforceable document and both parties will remain in compliance with this agreement.
    6. In case any amendments or modifications are to be made it will only be done after written approval of both parties has been obtained.

5. Acceptance

By signing below, both parties agree to all their obligations and rights and accept all the contractual terms as legally binding.

6. Sender Company

Signature: _________________________

Date: _____________________________

7. Client Details:

Signature: _______________________

Date: ___________________________

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