Lease Termination Form

Lease Agreement Termination Form Format and Template Online Fill and Download Word file

What is Termination of Lease Agreement Form?

Termination of lease agreement form is used by either the landlord or the tenant of a rental property when they wish to end the Lease Agreement Contract before the agreed length of lease period has been reached. It acts as formal notice towards the other party to inform them about their request for termination of the Agreement.

Lease Agreement and Lease Contract Form Template

Termination of Lease Agreement Form









Dear [Full Name],

This letter has been issued to serve as a formal notice regarding my exit from the lease agreement. I am a lessee at the aforementioned address within the terms of the Lease Agreement Contract. The agreement will be rendered ineffective after [Lease.Expiration.Date]. This is a formal letter issued as a notice about my exit from the contract as I am preparing to vacate the property by the [Exit.Date].

I agree to pay for any damages made to the property by me. The property manager, landlord or another representative may review the leased property mentioned herein and conduct a walkthrough upon completion of which the remaining balance of the security deposit may be transferred to me after all the damages (if any) have been compensated.


In case a need for communication arises, you can contact me on the phone number and my email address provided below:





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