Promotion Letter

Letter for Promotion Declaration/Announcement Format, Sample, Template and Example

Promotion Letter, Declaration Letter for Promotion of an Employe

Promotion means the higher upgrade in the ranking of an employer’s position within a company. It is a bonus on the employee’s perfection in the work and responsibilities assigned to him or her. Generally, it is followed by an increase in authority and Salary payment. According to the size of the company the promotion varies by employer. Sometimes an employer’s promotion is also announced or declared in a meeting session.

If there is an employee with his impending promotion then the most used medium is sending a letter of promotion declaration to this employee. And also to give notice to the department to whom the employee is concerned.

Promotion is as a bonus for employing perfection at work, and this promotion letter is given to the employer. The member of the management or representative will normally write this promotion letter to the employer.

Regarding the promotion, employee promotion letters consist of all the related information like employee new designation, authorities, responsibilities and increment in salary. It also lists down all the new clauses of terms and conditions related to the new designation or office.

It also explains the excellent performance of the employer and boosts the person’s potential for the future.

Tips for writing a promotion announcement letter 

  1. Formal language is used because it is an official letter.
  2. Employ work is being acclaimed and praised by the management is also conveyed by the letter.
  3. It must consist of all the related details concerning the promotion.
  4. This official letter must be concise.
  5. Spelling or grammatical errors should be checked while writing the letter.
  6. Outline the current and new role of the employee in the company.

Here is a sample of an announcement of a promotion letter.

Sample Promotion Letter – Promotion Declaration Letter Template

K.D and Company,
April 19, 2021.

Mr.Dodge Watt,
Marketing Operator,
K.D and Company,

Subject: Letter for Promotion Declaration/ Announcement

Dear Dodge Watt,

I am writing this letter in response to the application that you submitted for promotion.
This application for promotion was submitted on your behalf to the department. This application was accepted and analyzed on the basis of the extraordinary work that you had performed for the company. After checking and monitoring your previous progress, the management will promote you.

I am pleased to announce your promotion to the director of marketing with the effect of 18 March 2018. It is also decided by the management to increase your current salary by 20% due to your promoted grade.

So, I congratulate you for this promotion in our company. And I hope you will retain your flawless standard and continue your impressive work at the company.

Employees are too satisfied with your progress and with your promotion in our company. Best wishes are with you from me and company employees.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
George William.

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