Letter of Resignation

Letter of Resignation Template and Tips

Resignation Letter Template

A letter of resignation is written by an employe to announce the intent to leave a job position, employment, office, commission, board or committee.

The modern way to write a letter of resignation is explained in this article by which one can easily write a resignation letter or use our universal resignation letter template to modify it as per the need.

It has never been easy to leave a job you know, and the colleagues you’ve grown accustomed to, but it’s harder than that to write out a smart resignation letter.

Especially, because, not writing one, prudently, could get you to ruin your relationship with the company and the people you’ve built up so far. You’ll end up losing the connections and ruin your own record in the company, which might very well be the key to your future opportunities.

Stunned? This is exactly why we’ve listed a few pointers of what and whom to write this resignation letter to, with details of whether it’s a mandatory requirement from the law or not.

Do we have to write a resignation letter, by law?

This is by far, one of the initial stages of career development, and even though it is not deemed essential by the law in the UK, it may be a part of your contract law. That’s right, and this is exactly why the government always prefers that an individual read their employment contracts so that they do not breach them mistakenly.

Just to be sure, before taking any action, have a look at the contract you signed or go through the booklet they gave you during your induction. They may give you the idea of the procedure or prerequisites required for your termination as an employee. Also, it’s best to write a letter to the company, to make your resignation formal.

How to Write a Letter of Resignation?

This is a big decision, so it’s best to take a deep breath and think it through. Ask yourself, “Do I think leaving my current position is what’s best for my future?”

This will allow you to instill the idea of certainty in your mind and give you the knowledge you need to know whether the current employers are providing you with a reasonable package, or you could get a better offer somewhere else in the market. You’ll be confident enough to negotiate the offers and make your own decisions. It’s better to get this done before resigning so that you have a job lined up and ready to be joined, right before you leave.

Here are lists of ideas that will allow you to write your own tailored resignation letter. Make sure to follow this letter of resignation guidelines, so that you don’t end up missing essential information.

  • Make your line manager, the recipient.
  • Start your letter, with a statement of purpose, such as: “With regret, I hand in my resignation as a (state job post) for (state company name)…”
  • At the top right, state the date.
  • Write down the notice duration required by your company in the contract, with the date of resignation.
  • Cordially give in the cause of your resignation, while thanking the company for the experience and the opportunities.

Letter of Resignation Template

(Date of Resignation),
(Name of Recipient- Line Manager),
(Name of the Company),
(Address of the Company)

Dear (name of recipient)

With regret, I hand in my resignation as a (post) in (the entity’s title). The day of my resignation is dated (state date).

I will make sure to complete the work that has been made my responsibility, with complete dedication and to the most that I can. I will also be pleased to co-operate as much as I can, to confirm an easy handover and transfer to my substitute.

This has been a wonderful opportunity, through-out the (enter years of work) years that I have worked here, and I would sincerely like to thank you for all the experience that (enter company’s name) has helped me gain.

Although, I am looking forward to the new opportunities and roles, (enter the company’s name) will always be a golden part of my career and memories.

I’ll be pleased to be in touch and if there is a need for any help, such as if any further information is required, then feel free to contact me anytime.

Kind regards,
(Your Name In Printed Form).

Following these guidelines, you’ll be able to write a resignation letter that feels more genuine, and a little less hurtful (slash risky) in no time.

When you’re done, it’s always a good idea to get someone to proofread your letter of resignation before submission.


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