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Signing the No Objection Certificate means that a person or a company has no objections over the matter written specifically in NOC letter.

What is Full Form NOC?

NOC means the No Objection Certificate which an agency, organization, institute, and in some cases individual issues that certify no objection over the matter in question. No Objection Certificates are mostly issued by a government or private institutions to their employees or the people who require their acknowledgment and consent on a certain matter in question.

What is an NOC Letter?

The NOC letter is also known as No Objection Certificate which states that the person signing a NOC letter does not have any objections over the matter in question.

NOC Letter is a legal certificate issued by an agency, organization, institute, and in certain circumstances by an individual. In simple words, the NOC issuing office or person tells through this certificate that they have no objection to the doings of the person to whom it is being issued.

What is the NOC from Employer?

The NOC letter from an employer is also a legal certificate which clarifies that the employer has no objection to the doings of the employee over the passage of time. NOC from employer is issued for granting abroad leaves or relieving the employee to take over some new job or training.

What is the Purpose of NOC?

The main purpose of an NOC is to grant permission to the person seeking NOC letter to do the things in question. The purpose of the NOC letter may change from person to person according to their needs. For example, an employee needs it to get a job in another company, a student needs it to appear in the examination from another board or university, and a person may need it for shifting to some new residence place. In America, an NOC is also needed for registering your vehicle in the state other than your residential state.

What is NOC for Students?

An NOC for a student is the document that is issued by an educational institution, the principal, the dean, or head of the department to guarantee any other school, college or university that the student has been studying in their school, college, or university and will return back after completion of his studies. An NOC for students is also issued when a student wants to take the examination from the board or university other than his city of residence.

What is NOC in Loans?

An NOC for loan is also a legal document which a lender issues to the borrower. Here, the lender guarantees that the borrower has repaid the loan taken and no outstanding amount is pending against him. The loans NOC document is required when a borrower intends to take the loan from some other bank or lender. It is advisory to always demand NOC of loans when you have completely repaid the loan.

What is NOC Letter for VISA?

An NOC for Visa is issued to a student or an employee traveling abroad.

An NOC for Visa to an Employee: An NOC for Visa to an employee is issued by the employer which guarantees that the person is employed in the organization and will return after spending a certain period of leave.

An NOC for Visa to Student: An NOC letter for Visa to a student is issued by the headmaster, principal, or dean of an educational institution guaranteeing that the student will return after a specific time period allowed by the institution. In both the cases, the employer and the dean assure that they have no objection to the traveling abroad of that person.

What is the format for NOC Letter?

Like all other legal documents, an NOC letter also has a specific format. A few changes are found in the NOC document needed for different purposes. For example, an NOC format for a student and property are two separate documents.

Who Needs an NOC Certificate?

The need for an NOC letter differs from country to country. The No objection certificates are scarcely used in some countries while some rely mostly on these certificates. In any case, an NOC letter always proves beneficial both for the issuer and the person who demands it. In most of the countries, people need an NOC from the government for taking certain permissions. For example, you may need government department permission before construction of a new house. A No Objection certificate is need of the following individuals as well as organizations.

6 Types of NOC Letters:

Following are the five different types of NOC letter formats:

  1. NOC for Writing and Art: The use of NOC in writing and Art has become common nowadays because of the availability of the internet. This NOC letter allows the person demanding it to use the copyrighted material of a company or an individual for his/her personal use. It is usually issued by a copyright company or an individual.
  2. NOC for Immigration: Immigration from one country to another country for some specific purpose is also carried through an NOC letter. This letter guarantees the employer, the institution, or the company about the migrating person and allows him to employ or study in that country.
  3. NOC for Employment: Employment NOC document is issued by the employer which allows an individual to change his job either within the organization or outside the organization. In most of the cases, the head of the department changes the job position and allows the person to do some other job in the best interest of the employer.
  4. NOC for Travelling Purpose: The Travel NOC letter is also issued by the government or public sector organization or an educational institute to allow a person to fly abroad. Keeping this document can increase the chances of obtaining an early Visa for an individual.
  5. NOC for Construction and Renovation: An individual or a business may also need an NOC letter for construction of a house or a plant. For the sale purchase or renting of a property, NOC for the property may be required. In some renowned societies, NOC letter is necessary for the renovation of an old building.
  6. NOC for Student: NOC for Student is a legal document that can be issued by the educational institute to the student who can submit it where required.

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  1. NOC For Property
  2. NOC for Student


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