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How to Write a Public Notice

The authorized document that helps in sending the information to the reader about his duties, rights or obligations is known as a Notice. In general, there’re four different types of notices as follows:

  1. Public Notice
  2. Constructive Notice
  3. Actual Notice
  4. Implied Notice

For communication in the business, there are many different kinds of communication used such as circulars, affidavits, letters, contracts, agreements, memos, etc. Similarly, notices are also used for communication in business to give information to the client or customer. In the following article, we have provided you with the information you need to know about good Notice writing.

Notice Definition

Notice is basically a kind of a formal communication targeting some specific person or the audience. Apart from this, you can also say that notice is a news article that informs individuals about different events. Notices can include appeals, announcements, instructions issuance, invitations, etc.

Moreover, the notices are usually displayed on public notice boards so that people can see it easily. Additionally, notice purpose is to point on a large number of people and because of this, it is also published in newspapers. Governments usually publish notices in different national newspapers.

Format of Notice

Notices follow a specific formal format. However, it is not hard and fast rule that you follow the same format as you can always change it depending upon your needs.  Additionally, there are different organizations that use various notice formats but the general format is the same every time. Let’s see the notice format below:

  • Organization/ Authority Name 

On the right corner, you have to write the person or company name that is sending the notice. When you write the name it helps the receiver know who’s the authority issuing the letter.

  • Title

Next comes the title. You have to write ‘NOTICE’ title in bold after the organization’s name. Writing the title in this way is important because it will help in drawing the readers’ attention.

  • Date

After NOTICE title you have to write the date on which the notice is issued. This is important because it will help in keeping the record. Additionally, it will also help the reader know when the notice was published.

  • Heading 

After the date, you have to write the notice heading. The heading needs to be very catchy and appropriate depending upon the notice content.

  • Body 

Next comes the notice body in which you need to provide the details that should be very factual and precise.

  • Writer’s Name

In the end, the name of the writer comes who has actually written the notice. In addition to the name, the signatures are also needed to be penned down for validity purposes.

  • Content Body of a Notice

Content in the notice body has to be very factual and must not contain any of the unnecessary details. Below are points mentioned that need to be covered in the notified body. 

#1 What

Clearly tell what notice is all about. Make sure to write very clearly and tell what event is it and what things have happened already. Try to write in a clear and un-ambiguous language. 

#2 Where

Give all the details where the event is going to be held. You must write the location details. Write everything very clearly and precisely.

#3 When 

Include the details of when some event is taking place. Keep in mind to mention the details of time so that people make their plans accordingly.

#4 Who 

The person or people to whom notices address must be written clearly. It is an important detail as it will help in removing the confusion.

#5 Whom 

The last thing you need to add in the notice is the contact details of the person that can be contacted in case of an emergency or any queries.

Tips for Writing a Notice

  • Write the notice in a very precise manner and must add only relevant details. The word count of notice should not increase 50 words.
  • Use formal language while writing a notice. It is a formal document and has to be written formally.
  • Use very small and simple sentences that are very easy to understand. Writing in this way will help readers comprehend your information easily.
  • Write sentences in the passive voice.
  • Make sure you present your notice inbox style. This makes the presentation very good.

Notice Samples – Notice Examples

The situation for Writing a Notice:

You’re Ali and you’ve lost the library book issued to you. Write a notice telling the students to give you the book if they find it.

School Notice Sample


18th February, 20XX

Lost the book!

It is to inform all students that I’ve lost my Oxford Maths book that was issued to me by the school library. The book has a library stamp. Additionally, it is red in color. So, please if someone finds it give it to the library reception desk. Thank you.


The situation for Writing a Notice:

You are Ahil the head boy of XYZ Public School. Write a notice in which you must inform the students that there is an upcoming workshop on etiquette and table manners which is going to be held in the school auditorium. Make sure to provide all the details.

Student Notice Template

XYZ Public School, London,

2nd October, 20XX

Table Manners Workshop,

It is to notify the students belonging to classes 9th and 10th that there is an upcoming workshop on Table Etiquettes and Manners in the coming week. The workshop will be held in the auditorium of school on 10th October 20xx at 10:am in the morning. It’s compulsory for students to come to this workshop. In case of any question or confusion, you can contact undersigned.  

Head Boy.

The situation for Writing a Notice:

You are Laxman, sports secretary in an XYZ school. The school you work in is hosting a tournament of volleyball. Write a notice telling students to attend the tournament.

Public Notice Example


1st November, 20XX

Cheer UP!

It’s to notify that our school is hosting a tournament of volleyball. The event will start on 1st December and will end on 5th December. The time duration will be from 8:am to 1:00 pm. It is requested that students must come and cheer their favorite teams. 

Sports Secretary.

The situation for Writing a Notice:

You are a student at ABC private school. There is an upcoming fiesta in your school for the purpose of collecting funds. Write a notice and tell the students about the event so that they can participate.

Notice Sample

ABC Private SCHOOL, Lahore,

11th September, 20xx

Fund Raising for Victims of Flood,

To notify all students, it is stated that the school is arranging the Cultural Fiesta in the coming days so that the funds for victims of a flood can be collected. The event details are as follows:

Date:    22nd September, 20xx
Time:    5:00 pm
Venue:    Auditorium
Ticket:    Rs. 150 each
Chief Guest:   Army officer 

In case of any quires, contact undersigned.

Cultural Secretary.

The situation for Writing a Notice:

You’re Maha, the head girl of ABC Oxford school. The school is arranging a drawing class for students of grades 5 to 7. Write a notice telling everyone about the event, write all the details.

Notice Sample


8th July, 20xx,

Drawing class, 

It’s to notify the students of grade 5 to 7 that school is arranging a drawing class. The details of the class are as follows:

Date:    16th July, 20xx
Time:    8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Venue:  Auditorium

Certificates will be awarded to all participants. Drawing sheets will be provided by the school. For further details contact the undersigned.

Additionally, the certificates will also be given to all students. All the material will be provided. For any queries ask undersigned. 

Head Girl.

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