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Request Tenant to Move Out from Property without Issuing an Eviction Notice Letter

How to Get a Tenant to Move Out Without Evicting Them

Forcing a tenant to leave is not an easy task. Sometimes you need to move out your tenant instantly. It is a task that can also be affected by emotions. Maybe you have no courage to tell them directly to leave. It is full of hesitation. If you have property business but it’s your first experience then it is a competitive task you need to do. It is not so easy to tell directly in front of a tenant to leave or issue a notice. No doubt you have some rights as written in the rental agreement but humans are not beast they have emotions so it is a task full of self-criticism.

But as humans are creative and they understand each other so there are also some ways to perform this task without creating an issue. These methods are listed below.

Helpful ways to move out the tenant without forcing 

If you want your tenant to move out but avoid any type of eviction process because ethically you are a good person, you should offer some cash for keys. While it is a method that is not so much cost-effective but it is a useful way to move out your tenant and get the benefit from the property immediately.

This method is easy and great if you do not have a shortage of money. Your payment to tenants can be helpful to reduce the chances of any type of issue and also can benefit you in the future. But asking for cash for keys is also a tricky one. So you should follow these steps.

  • Describe the reasons.

Explain the reason by remaining honest and clear. Describe to them why you are doing this and how long they could stay or not.

  • Inform about consequences.

Do not be harsh. Tell them politely that they need to go now and if they do not do so what legal actions can be taken that are your rights. Explain to them that they would be responsible for any kind of disturbance.

  • Provide helpful offers.

No doubt sudden leaving is difficult for your tenant so explain to them that all of their security deposits will be returned if they leave immediately and some extra cash will be offered so that they could easily find the new shelter.

  • Finalization.

If they agree to leave on the given deadline, you should completely check your property for any kind of damage and give them their cash while leaving. After their evacuation replaces the locks for security.

Sometimes this method seems awkward but offering cash for keys can be helpful to reduce the chances of any kind of trouble for their evacuation. You do not need to use the force and you can instantly get benefit from the new tenant.

Offer Help to your Tenant to Move them out of the Property

As a good person, you should always help others so to express your gentleness and kindness you should deal with politeness. Somehow your tenant will leave but using force or being gentle are the distinct situations that represent your character.

Getting a truck for luggage is not too expensive if you have the budget to arrange a truck for them. You can also let them use your own truck without any cost if you have this facility.

Real estate professionals have many connections with other real estates. As a good landlord you can suggest your tenant a new place or another state advisor so that they could easily find a new residence at affordable rates. If you have connections you should offer them the contact information of the other rental property advisors.

You could also help them by paying for the maintenance of the house before their evacuation. No doubt it is not your responsibility and it will cost you. But it will benefit you more in finding a new tenant.

Your positive and cooperative behavior is good for both of you. It will provide comfort to your mind and to your tenant. Helping them is not about wasting money, this will help you to live with a peaceful heart and feelings.

Property Eviction Negotiation

Many people do not want to be aggressive. They like the peaceful environment and believe in negotiation rather than conflict. So you should also remain good to keep calm and maintain peace. Thus your attitude can give you positive outcomes.

If the reason to move out the tenant is their unacceptable attempts and many other actions and situations which are not in your control. You should inform them about the situation. And tell them to just go without any relief

If the case is not so complicated you could find a solution to carry on with your tenant you negotiate to make successful decisions

If there is a problem with their payment method or late payment you could offer them to be careful next time in the future so that they could continue with you without any issue. Sometimes their evacuation is not suitable for both of you. So make them understand the circumstances. 

If you find out that your tenants are careless you should always remind them about their responsibilities and duties. You should be careful about future conflicts that could lead you towards the cancelation of dealings. Completely describe them what is important and what should be kept remembering to be successful and smooth ongoing. Warn them that any type of violation could lead to the end of dealings.

What should I not do?

Sometimes when removing a tenant becomes a difficult task for you and you lose your mind. You get aggressive and also start violating the agreement between you and your tenant.

This is your worst mistake, the use of power without any legal right is not good. It can even cost you a lot. It can also lead you to judicial cases. So following up agreements are necessary to deal with tenants.

Here are some methods of use of power to evacuate your tenant but you should not do:

    1. Removing the tenant’s property
    2. Change the keys while the tenant already resides in the building
    3. Included utilities such as water refusing to compensate, turning them down
    4. Threatening
    5. Straightforward commands for evacuations

Using these methods can lead you in trouble. The use of force without any legal right is not a smart choice. In any business, legal actions are what are your last options to do what you want. You should take the help of law to overcome the situations. Using illegal force can make your tenant stronger than you in the case which can cost you too much.

While respecting both your tenants and land rules, you can use effective tenant termination approaches wisely, maintaining your company (and your health) safe.

If you end up with a tenant at your wisdom, use the guidelines listed already before beginning the cycle of eviction. Figuring out how to convince tenants to move out is only one of the many problems homeowners encounter, so when you realize that you are armed with all the resources you need to make the problem as straightforward as possible, it’s manageable.

What if you used all these methods but it’s not working out then you should take the help of some special service providers for negotiation and the whole process. You can easily find any property management company near you to get your problem resolved.

Can we use force to out our tenant?

It depends on the situation. You cannot use force if there is no violation of an agreement and you can only use it just according to legal rights.

Is the tenant responsible for any type of damage?

Yes, tenants can be responsible and you can charge them by deducting money from their security deposits because security is specially taken for this purpose.

What could I do if my tenant is threatening me?

The only solution in such a case is to take the help of police and get some security guards to be safe and then you should take legal actions to move out your tenants.

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