Small Estate Affidavit forms

South Carolina Affidavit of Small Estate form

South Carolina Small Estate Affidavit Form Download

South Carolina is one of the most beautiful US states with many shoreline subtropical beaches and Sea Islands.  In South Carolina, for the collection of personal property and settlement of a deceased family member without any hassle, small estate affidavit is used which is also called ‘Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property Pursuant to Small Estate Proceedings’.

The process can only be used by the successors if the value of the property is less than $25,000 and there is no will made by him for the settlement of this property. The heirs can apply for this settlement after 30 days of the death of the owner. They cannot apply for the settlement if there is an application for the appointment of an administrator is pending on behalf of the owner. It is mandatory to fill the form in presence of either the probate clerk or notary and submitted to the same.

South Carolina Affidavit of Small Estate Form


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