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Termination Letter for Cause Format: Letter of Termination for Cause Sample, Template, Examples

Termination Letter for Cause Template

Do you want a letter of termination for a reason to terminate an employee? This termination letter presents the basis for the termination of the employee & provides the records for the worker’s file.

The company also has the ability to use this termination with cause letter to offset the allowance for unemployment benefits declaration. When writing your first termination letter, utilize this sample as an example.

Conducting a Termination Meeting

Holding a meeting is advised to make this decision since both parties (the employer & employee) can part ways on good terms.

A termination letter is a summary of the meeting & mentions the reason for termination, company policy regarding the offense the employee is guilty off & briefly goes through the formalities.

Following are two examples of how to write a termination letter with the cause:

Termination Letter with Cause Format and Sample 

Ethan Hunt,
456 South Rd.,
Downtown City, DA 96503,
Phone: 910-345-2323,
Email: [email protected].

February 8th, 2021

October 25th, 2020,
Keanu Wick,
12345 Hollywood Rd.
Beverley Hills, CA 09080.

Subject: Termination Cause Letter

Dear James,

This is to inform you that your employment contract has been terminated with Special Ventures from this date i.e. October 25th, 2021, effective immediately.

This event has been caused by your involvement with our rival company, after being instructed against your actions by both your supervisor & senior manager which you failed to comply with. You have been terminated due to breaking company policy of having secret trading of Special Ventures clients.

Not only did this violate the company policy but also clause number 13 of your employment contract which you willingly consented & signed upon your arrival at Special Ventures.

An official investigation was carried out in which we have gathered ample evidence against you in this case. We have also obtained witness testimonies of those employees from Special Ventures that you tried to involve & testimonies of employees from our rival company that has admitted to you deceiving your employer. We don’t encourage such improper behavior & legal action has been taken.

You will receive your salary for this month through the post to the address that you have provided it with your contract. Upon this termination, as agreed in the meeting held yesterday you have handed over all company property including the company car, laptop, & office key.

You can look forward to receiving company benefits until next month that includes this year’s bonus & a quarter of your health insurance.

However, you have been banned from applying to Special Ventures as an employee in the future. A career consultancy firm affiliated with our company will help you in your transition.

Good luck in the future.

Ethan Hunt.

Here’s the second sample of the termination letter format:

Termination Letter with Cause (Reason) Format and Sample 

Matt Jones,
080 East Rd.,
Old City, KA 3345,
Phone: 222-222-222
Email: [email protected]

August 12th, 2021

Ms. Jane Stark,
3332 Burns St.,
Chicago, IL 33244

Subject: Termination Letter with reasons for termination

Dear Jane,

This is to confirm that your employment contract has been terminated as of this day i.e. August 12th, 2021 with Sprinkle Foundation.

The termination meeting held yesterday took place with your supervisors Ms. Henrietta, me & Mr. Jack of the HR department in which we discussed your offense which you admitted to & thus we have decided upon firing you from our company.

The offense that you have been accused of the admission of fake documents provided by you at the beginning of your employment with Sprinkle Foundation. During our routine background check of our employees, this discovery came to light & we had not been informed of this deception prior to this event.

You will be paid for this month & the paycheck will be sent to you by post. You have been blacklisted from applying to any company within this district due to the fraud that you have committed.

Since your offense breaks federal law, you have will not receive any benefits from our foundation. However, you are to appear in court & the law shall deem you with any benefits they see fit.

This statement is to confirm that you have submitted your company ID & security badge along with your special employee pass & office key.

Kindly respond to any letter or call on behalf of the company in the following weeks to settle any legal formalities.

Matt Jones,
CEO Sprinkles Foundation.

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