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A Waiver Agreement form is used for the purpose of providing protection to the event organizing company. This Agreement releases the company organizing and holding the event from any liabilities incurred by the client. It makes the client fully responsible for the consequences of their participation. 

What is the purpose of a Waiver Agreement?

The Waiver provides indemnification to the event organizer against any damages or losses incurred to the other party due to the events. It is used to avoid any problematic legal proceeding in the future and protect the event organizer’s image and reputation intact in case of any disputes brought forward by the client.

Every event, especially the ones comprising physical activities or any contests and competitions, are prone to physical injury or any other form of loss or damage. However, every participant engages in the event deliberately and at their sole discretion and due to these reasons the event organizer should be free from any liabilities or claims brought forward by the participants following the event.

These claims and any legal proceedings can damage the reputation of the event organizer as a business entity and will adversely affect the future business opportunities and business relations of the organizer. Therefore, it is imperative that such a Waiver agreement is utilized so that the disputes and conflicts can be dealt with in a more polite and friendly approach rather than through the use of lawsuits or other legal proceedings.

What makes a validated Waiver?

  1. The Waiver violates a law or regulation

Waiver Agreements have to be in compliance with all the applicable state or local laws in order to be deemed enforceable and legal. Therefore, it is imperative that any applicable state, local or regional laws, and regulations are taken into consideration in order to align the terms and conditions with the expectations and requirements of the laws.

2. The Court finds the event organizer highly negligent

Any competent court will not side with the event organizer if the damages were incurred due to gross negligence and misconduct from the event organizer. In such cases, the waiver will not be deemed valid.

3. The Client was not aware of the relessee agreement

If the Waiver agreement was executed without the acknowledgment or agreement of the client then the court will not deem it valid. It is essential that the Waiver was executed upon the mutual agreement of both parties to be deemed valid.

Who can use the Waiver Agreement Form?

A waiver agreement can be used by any type of company organizing or holding an event and can be used for the purpose of protection from the damage or loss claims incurred by any type of event.

Wavier Contract Form Template Preview and Download

Waiver Agreement Form Template


Waiver Agreement

By entering into this waiver agreement, [Client.Name] (the Client) have accepted the following terms:


The client has vowed that they have participated in [ EVENT NAME] deliberately. Moreover, the client has acknowledged the risks pertaining to their participation in the aforementioned event, and will not hold the [ SENDER COMPANY] liable for any loss or damage incurred due to Client’s Participation. The company will not be consigned to any kind of liabilities such as fees incurred due to judicial proceedings, any personal injuries sustained, damage to personal belongings or any other losses sustained by the Client pertaining to the participation.


The Client promises to provide the Company complete indemnification and protection against any loss or damage claims, including any damages or losses sustained by the Company.

Personal Well Being

The Client has attested that they hold the capability and mental capacity to be able to participate in the event without any problematic risk.

Right to Cancel

The company has been granted the right to refuse the client’s participation in their event if they suspect anything problematic for the event or believe that the client may pose a threat to the safety of third-parties in the event.

Applicable Law

This Waiver Agreement is under the governance of the judicial system of [SENDER COMPANY STATE]. Any judicial proceedings such as lawsuits or claims pertaining to the Client’s participation are to be submitted to the competent courts of [Sender.City], [Sender.State]. only


The Client has acknowledged this waiver to be legally enforceable and in full effect without the need for any amendments or modifications, and that their participation in the event will be in compliance with the contractual agreements made herein.

Sender Company:

Signature: _________________________
Date: _____________________________


Signature: _______________________
Date: ___________________________

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