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Writing a Letter of Resignation – Template Download

Resignation Letter Template

Letter of Resignation is a letter that may describe the reason for leaving the post with a tentative date to leave the job. A resignation letter is submitted to the manager’s office when a person wants to leave the job, committee, or any assigned designation in an organization.

Writing a letter of resignation is part of a career where people switch jobs in different companies. One may have to keep a resignation letter template in documents to reuse it whenever the person leaves a job.

Resignation Letter – defined

This is when an individual decides and undertakes the act to leave their current job. A letter of resignation depicts this sentiment to the current employer.

Do we have to write a resignation letter, by law?

In case your employment agreement has a clause that binds you to write the resignation letter then it must be written. If you have signed the employment agreement at the time of joining the organization which has a clause of notifying the company ahead of time before you leave the job, then you must write a resignation letter by law to the company.

Step by Step Guide to Writing the Resignation Letter

This is a big decision, so it’s best to take a deep breath and think it through. Ask yourself, “Do I think leaving my current position is what’s best for my future?”

This will allow you to instill the idea of certainty in your mind and give you the knowledge you need to know whether the current employers are providing you with a reasonable package, or you could get a better offer somewhere else in the market. You’ll be confident enough to negotiate the offers and make your own decisions. It’s better to get this done before resigning so that you have a job lined up and ready to be joined, right before you leave.

Here are lists of templates that will allow you to write your own tailored resignation letter. Make sure to follow these templates, so that you don’t end up missing essential information.

  • Make your line manager, the recipient.
  • Start your letter, with a statement of purpose, such as: “With regret, I hand in my resignation as a (state job post) for (state company name)…”
  • At the top right, state the date.
  • Write down the notice duration required by your company in the contract, with the date of resignation.
  • Cordially give in the cause of your resignation, while thanking the company for the experience and the opportunities.

Resignation Letter Format

Have you had it with your current job? If you’re ready to call it quits, then here’s a learner’s keep to get that resignation from your employer and stay on their good books list. With this model resignation letter, you’ll know where to start and what to say, without any hurdles coming in on your procedure.

So, you’ve landed your dream job and you’re super excited – we’re just as happy for you, but there’s still one task at hand that you’d have to face before you set in and out for the preparation: your resignation letter. You would have to pen down a letter and tell your current line manager that you’re not going to work for them anymore. It may lead to some anxiety or troubles between you and your boss, but it’s mandatory as it’s a matter of protocol.

Keep your head straight and take your time to write this letter, as it’s your formal final goodbye to the company you’ve worked in for- maybe- years.

The main reason for writing this letter might be to tell your employer of your resignation, but this might also be a gateway for you to build up a PR and keep the door open for any future opportunities to knock upon.

Why write a letter of resignation?

A resignation letter should be written in order to inform your employer that you’ve decided to quit the job and that they would need to hire someone else in your place to perform your responsibilities. It’s an icon that depicts professionalism; whether you’re working at a hospital or a coffee shop writing a resignation letter is part of the protocol.

Should I give Two Weeks Notice Letter before the Resignation Letter?

Two sides, but they’re part of a coin. A resignation letter and a two weeks’ notice letter are both substantially the same thing. But, we do have to admit that it sounds a bit more professional, doesn’t it? It’s a letter that signifies your intention to leave your job while stating that you will stay at your post and work for another two weeks. This is the ideal time to inform the company of your departure and helps them prepare for your substitute.

What to Write in Resignation Letter?

The resignation letter should have the pointers mentioned below:

  • Your statement of intent; that is a statement showing that you’re intending to quit.
  • Your position as an employee
  • Date of your last day at work
  • A thank you note for the opportunities
  • Your experience at the job
  • Your willingness to help your substitute settle
  • Regards and best wishes to the company’s prosperity
  • Contact details

Model Sample, as promised

If you’re looking for a place to start writing the letter, then here’s an example:

Resignation Letter Example

Name: Jane Miller
Address: XYZ Road| Nametown,
XZ 12345,
Contact Number: 333-333-3333,
Email: [email protected]


Company’s Title:
Company’s Street:
Nametown, XZ 123456.

Dear (Name Recipient),

Kindly consent to this letter as an announcement of my resignation from being your [state job name] at [state company’s name]. The final day of my duration as an employee will be [date].

I have acquired the opportunity to work as a senior accountant for another company, and after a lot of speculation, I have come to the opinion that this offer might just be too good to let go of.

My time here, as an employee, has been wonderful. It was a pleasure working for you and with my fellow colleagues. The experiences I’ve gained in these [state years] years will always be valuable. Especially, [State one such experience; such as working on the audit of a Said company]. I know that this company is meant for prosperity and I wish it success in its future endeavors.

It would be a pleasure to help in with the transfer of my duties to my substitute and the systems, for speedy progress, even after my departure. I will make sure to update all of the records till my departure and will be available to train my replacement.

I would like to thank you once more for all the opportunities and support. I wish the company my best and would be glad to be in touch in the future. Here’s my contact information, if ever needed: [state email]

Name Jane Miller.

Letter of Resignation Template

(Date of Resignation),
(Name of Recipient- Line Manager),
(Name of the Company),
(Address of the Company)

Dear (name of recipient)

With regret, I hand in my resignation as a (post) in (the entity’s title). The day of my resignation is dated (state date).

I will make sure to complete the work that has been made my responsibility, with complete dedication and to the most that I can. I will also be pleased to co-operate as much as I can, to confirm an easy handover and transfer to my substitute.

This has been a wonderful opportunity, through-out the (enter years of work) years that I have worked here, and I would sincerely like to thank you for all the experience that (enter company’s name) has helped me gain.

Although, I am looking forward to the new opportunities and roles, (enter the company’s name) will always be a golden part of my career and memories.

I’ll be pleased to be in touch and if there is a need for any help, such as if any further information is required, then feel free to contact me anytime.

Kind regards,
(Your Name In Printed Form)

Following these guidelines, you’ll be able to write a resignation letter that feels more genuine, and a little less hurtful (Risky) in no time.

When you’re done, it’s always a good idea to get someone to help in and get you a new opportunity.


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