Affidavit of Marriage

Affidavit of Marriage – Spousal Affidavit

Why do you need Affidavit of Marriage? - What is the Spousal Affidavit?

Like every other important decision, marriage requires a complete paperwork under legal laws and regulations. While getting married, a Marriage Affidavit is one important paper you need to make and have a copy of it.

What is an Affidavit of Marriage?

An Affidavit of marriage is an important legal document. This document acts as a proof that the two people are officially united into a relationship or a bond of marriage. The two people signing this affidavit swear that they are now officially bound into a sacred relationship of marriage. People having the same permanent residence, sharing their expenses, are at an age of marrying, mentally fit while signing can have this legal paper.

Why do you need Affidavit of Marriage?

By signing this document, you make the state aware of your relationship and hold them as a witness to it. This paper acts a proof and can be represented as a marriage certificate. In case you’ve lost your marriage certificate and you want to apply for a visa or insurance, then you’re required to sign an affidavit of marriage to prove that you married your spouse on the following date.

Not only this, but the affidavit of marriage holds great importance in case of a divorce or second marriage.

What is the Spousal Affidavit?

A Spousal Affidavit is one of its kinds. People often mix it with the marriage affidavit yet they both differ in a great context. A spousal affidavit is usually not compulsory for your spouse but can be for the person of the same sex or a common-law partner etc. This Affidavit is made to legalize a relationship of any kind among the two people. Mostly among spouses, the spousal Affidavit allows the two to live together without any rituals or marriage-like customs to be done. An important aspect of the spousal affidavit is that the two people should be living for more than one year together.

What is a Financial Affidavit?

The financial affidavit is a kind of affidavit in which an affiant enlists all of his or her income, expenses, assets and debts. This kind of affidavit allows the judiciary to question his/her financial means at any time. Financial Affidavit is mostly used in divorce cases where divorce affidavit is also filed for proceedings in the court.


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