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Divorce Affidavit – Affidavit of Service – How to write Affidavit for Divorce?

Affidavit for Consent Divorce - Financial Affidavit in Divorce - List of documents for Divorce case

Divorce Affidavit is a kind of affidavit document on which both spouses take an oath about their will to call off their marriage legally.  Both of the spouses may also be required to file another financial affidavit in order to divide the financial properties between them. A marriage affidavit is signed at the time of marriage to register the marriage legally and this marriage can be called off legally if one wishes to proceed in a court by filing an affidavit of divorce or contested divorce affidavit.

If one plans to get a divorce then there are certain rules and regulations to do it legally. Divorce affidavit is of prime importance in case of a divorce.

What is an Affidavit of divorce?

The affidavit of divorce is a legally binding paper containing all the information regarding the divorce case and consent of both parties.

What is an Affidavit in a divorce case?

An affidavit is a legally binding document that allows you to enlist the reasons and claims and verify the truth behind your claim under the penalty of perjury. Depending upon the case of divorce there always has an affidavit which needs to be filled and duly signed by both the affiants to get separation from marriage legally. With that, both parties are also required to provide the Affidavit of Finance to divide the financials between the two.

What is an Affidavit of Service in divorce?

An affidavit of Service is considered significantly important in case of a divorce, especially if it is a contesting divorce. Affidavit of service will act as a proof for the filing party which they can present in the court to assure that they have done their part of service on information. Elsewise, their petition will be rejected by the court.

What is an Affidavit for consent divorce?

An affidavit in case of a consent divorce is called the affidavit of the consent form. In this case, both the parties mutually agree or show their consent of calling upon their marriage in the court.

It can also be signed in case of a contested divorce where the respondent fills a consent form on receiving a petition of divorce showing that he or she agrees to the summons and is ready to lose everything such as money, property or lawyers’ fees etc.

What is Divorce Affidavit of Service?

This is an affidavit usually given when a divorce is contested from one party. The contestant will send the list of complaints to the respondent or the other party to provide complete reasons for calling off the marriage. So, the respondent will be aware of the causes enlisted by the other party for divorce and then the divorce can be contested in the court within a certain time period.

What is financial Affidavit in a divorce?

Completing a financial affidavit is a tough job to perform while filing for a divorce. This affidavit consists of all the financial information you are going, to sum up on the legal paper and based on that all the property will then be divided between the couple after the marriage has been called off. It includes both parties’ income, expenses, debts, property and every single information regarding their finances.

What documents are needed for a divorce?

Following documents are required for filing a divorce legally:

  • Original and 2 copies of your legal petition
  • Original and 2 copies of the affidavit (financial, consent, parenting etc.)
  • Marriage certificate original and copies
  • Reduction for filing fee form if required with your financial details

How to write an Affidavit for a Divorce?

You can write an affidavit for a divorce by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Get an affidavit form either your district court or online
  2. Obtain a copy of court rules from the court clerk
  3. Make a rough list of all the facts that you want to state in the affidavit and counter check with the court rules
  4. Complete the top portion of the affidavit form by writing party names, court location, case name, and case number
  5. Write down all the relevant facts in the body of the affidavit in a concise manner
  6. Ensure that the facts are arranged and numbered properly
  7. Sign it in front of a notary
  8. Get it signed and stamped by a notary as well


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