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How do you Write a Professional Notice?

The notice is a kind of formal letter which is issued to make an announcement in a printed or online format. The notice is basically the announcement or a warning issued to the individual or a group of people via a notice posted by mailing service or by pasting the notice on the notice board.

The notice is written for the purpose when you have to tell some news to a large number of people. The news can be of some competition, upcoming event, warning or some information which is needed to be delivered quickly. The notice has to be written in a tone that should be formal, and it needs to be concise and factual. Additionally, no flowery language is used instead the used language is very formal. Notices are usually put on the display boards at public places or schools that are known as notice boards. 

Notice Writing Format

In CBSE examination of class 12, you have to attempt one question from any of the four given questions as they all carry the same marks. The questions are on the following topics:

  • Notice writing
  • Advertisement writing   
  • Informal and Formal invitation
  • Poster writing

Notice Writing Exam – Marks Breakup                                   

The notice writing question is broken into the following marking scheme according to the CBSE guidelines. 

Format of a Notice1 mark
Content in a Notice2 marks
Expression of the Notice1 mark
Total Marks4 marks

Format for writing a Notice:

The format of the notice must include the following items:

  • Institution’s name 
  • Issuing authority
  • Notice
  • Title 
  • Date 
  • Writer’s name along with a designation

Notice must-have details like the following:

  • Issuing agency names such as school, college, etc.
  • Release date of the notice 
  • Subject or the Title 
  • The body must contain the place, venue, duration, time, etc.
  • Signature of Authority including the name and contact details.

Notice Template – Notice Sample – Notice Format

Notice Template

Issuing agency name,
Release of notice,

Subject or Title


Authorized signatory  
(Name, signature, and designation)

Tips for Writing a Professional Notice 

The following are some of the tips which you must be followed while writing a question of Notice writing. 

  • Make sure you write in the proper word limit. You must not increase the limit as it will cost you marks. The allowed word limit is only 50 words. 
  • Do not repeat any of the information.
  • Make sure to write a notice in a box. You can make a box with a pencil.
  • Keep the notice concise and factual.
  • To highlight the words TITLE and NOTICE. For highlighting you can underline the word or bold it. 
  • Write a catchy or very captivating Title.
  • Write according to the question and do not write the facts that are very hypothetical.
  • Don’t write personal information.
  • Use all question’s information. 
  • Your content must include the answers to all of the 5Ws such as What, When, Why, Who and Where.
  • The purpose must be written clearly and boldly.
  • Keep your focus on clarity and good presentation.

Topics for Writing a Notice 

You can write a notice on the following topics:

  • Competition
  • Excursion trip
  • Found or lost notice
  • Information about some inauguration 
  • Exhibition
  • Camp for blood donation 
  • Or any other information of public interest

Examples and Samples of Class 12 Notice Writing Questions 

Question 1: 

In order to clean the water tank, the supply of water will be stopped for a time duration of 9 hours (2 pm to 7 pm). Write down a notice of 50 words which must tell the residents that they should stock water for one day. You’re Kumar who is a secretary of Round Ring Housing Society, London. 


Public Notice Sample

Round Ring Housing Society, London,
March 03, 20xx,

This notice’s written to inform people of the society about the water supply suspension for almost 9 hours. This is because the water tank is needed to be clean. The following are the details:
DATE- March 3
TIME- 2 pm – 7 pm

So, we request that you should store some quantity of water for your emergency use. Thank you 




[Different title]
– what – Water supply suspension for 9 hours
– when – 3rd March 2 pm – 7 pm
– where – Society
– why – water tank cleaning
–steps necessary to be done – store water
–other details

Question 2:
You have found a bag containing the documents and money while having a walk in the park. Write down a letter of approximately 50 words which can be placed on the notice board of the park. So, the person who has lost it can collect the bag from you. You’re Amar with phone number 9399123456.


Public Notice Sample

March 08, 20XX,

The notice is to tell you all that there has been a bag found from a park. It contains some cash and documents. The bag’s of blue color and is of small size. I found it on March 2, at 7 pm near the gate of the park. Whoever, the owner is must contact on 9399123456 with the ID card. Thank you.



Heading: [relevant title]
-What – bag with cash and documents
-When – date & time
-Where – park
-description: color, size, material, identifying details
-Contact details- AMAR – Phone number. – 9399123456

Question 3: 

You’re Ali, the head boy of a school named ABC International school. The school is publishing the magazine in the coming month. Write down a notice for notice board inviting the pupils to submit their write-ups.


Public Notice for School Sample

March 10, 20xx,

To notify the school students it is stated that the school is publishing the annual magazine in the coming month. Students who want to send in their entries must email to [email protected]. All of the entries will be acknowledged by March 29, 20xx. You can write on any topic. You can have further information from class teachers. 

Thank you,

Head Boy.

Question 4: 

You’re Rana the head boy of a Convent School. The school in which you study is organizing a competition of singing. Write down a notice notifying the students to come and participate. 


School Notice Sample

March 15,20xx,

The school is arranging a singing competition which is dated March 23, 20xx at noon. Different schools are also partaking in the competition. The students who are interested can contact authorities by March 20, 20xx. 

Head boy.


Question 5:

You’re Maham who is the head girl of the Paradise school. Write down a notice which will notify the students regarding the acting competition. Try to add information like venue, time, age groups, judges, prizes, sponsors, etc. The limit of words is only 50.


Notice for School Sample

The Paradise School,
Date: 12th September 20xx,

The subject of Notice: Acting Competition

This notice is to notify the students of a school that there is a singing competition in upcoming days on 30th October, 20xx at the auditorium of the school. The students are divided into 3 categories 

Grade I – III                            Junior level

Grade IV-VI                         Intermediate level

Grade VII- X                           Senior level

There are only five students that will get shortlisted and will compete in the final round. In the finals, the students will be umpired by a panel consisting of Dr, Arun and Mr. Ali. 

The trophy and a cash of RS 5000 will be given to the winner. Students who are interested must send names to music teacher before 19th September. 

Head Girl 

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