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How do you Write a Class 8, 9, 10, 11 Notice?

Notice is defined as a legal document that makes it’s receiving party aware of the obligations, rights or duties. There are four kinds of notice documents such as:

  1. Constructive Notice
  2. Public Notice
  3. Implied Notice
  4. Actual Notice

For business communication, different types of formal communication are used such as affidavits, circulars, letters, memos, agreements, contracts, etc. Similarly, one other thing which is used in business communication is the issuance of the notices. In this article, we have given you all the information about Notice-writing. 

Notice Explanation

Notice is a type of formal communication that targets a specific audience or a person. Or you can say that it’s a kind of news item that informs people about the events that are very important. It can be some invitation, announcement, appeals or issuance of certain instructions, etc. 

The notice is generally displayed on a notice board at some public place so that the people can view it easily. Moreover, if the purpose of the notice is to target a very large audience then it is published in the newspapers. Additionally, when the governments need to publish the notices, they publish them in the local or national newspapers. 

Notice Format: Legal Notice Format

As the notice is a document which is a formal one so, it needs to follow some format. However, the format is not a rigid one as you can change it according to your wish a little bit. Different organizations use notice format with variations, but the overall format is always the same. Now, let’s have a look at the format of the notice below. 

  • Name of Authority/Organization: 

On the top right corner, there is the name of the company or a person that is issuing the notice. This makes the reader know who is the issuing authority, and if it is important for him or not. 

  • Title

The title ‘NOTICE’ is written after the name of issuing authority. This is important because it draws the attention of the reader. As the notices are placed in public places or the newspapers, so it is necessary to draw attention by writing NOTICE in bold words. 

  • Date

After the NOTICE title, there comes a date. The written date should be of the day on which the notice is published. As the notice is a document that is formal and is kept in a record so, it is important to write the date. 

  • Heading 

Next comes the heading of the notice. This should be very appropriate and according to the content in the notice. 

  • Body 

 After the heading there comes a body in which you have to write the content that must be very precise and very factual.

  • Writer’s Name

Lastly, after the body, you have to write the name of the person who has written the letter. Additionally, the signature of the writer also has to be signed at the end for the purpose of validity. 

  • Content Body

In the content of the notice, there must be factual information written and should be very concise. Following we have summarized the points which should be covered in the content. 

#1 What

You have to make it very clear that what is the notice about. It should be written very clear that what is the event about and what has happened already. Make sure that there is no ambiguity and the message is clear. 

#2 Where: 

Write properly where the event going to be held such as its location details. This is an important detail and you have to write it very clearly.

#3 When: 

Next include the date and time on which the event or a meeting will happen. If it’s possible for you then also mention the event duration so that the people can plan for it accordingly.

#4 Who

In this detail, you have to write that to whom the notice addresses too. This is necessary to remove any confusion at all. 

#5 Whom

Lastly, you have to mention that to whom one should contact in case of confusion so that the details can be understood properly.

Notice Writing Tips

  • Make sure you are precise and have written the details concisely. The length of the notice must be 50 words at least. 
  • The notice is a communication form that is very formal. So, use formal language instead of the flowery or informal text. 
  • Write the sentences in a simple and short way that is easy to understand. This removes the ambiguities of the readers. 
  • Make use of passive voice. 
  • Present the notice in a box. This should be appealing and must look neat to the eyes. 

Notice Document Example and Notice Template

The issue for which one wishes to write a notice:

On Diwali Occasion the housing society on which you live is planning a feast for the members. Being a chairman of society write a notice to gather the people for a feast. You must give all the relevant information. 

It’s Notice:

XYZ Housing Society

Subject: NOTICE for Dinner Invitation

30th March 20xx,
Diwali Gathering,

On the great Diwali occasion, our society is organizing a feast for all of the members at dinner time. People of society are invited to come to the event at the clubhouse on 2nd April at 9:00 pm.

Chairman of XYZ,
Housing Society,

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