Letter of Resignation

What is a Resignation Letter? Template and Example

Resignation Letter Templates

The Resignation Letter is used to inform the employer about the reason for leaving the job with a tentative date of leaving the job.

When someone decides to leave the company they’re working at the following formal norms, they have to submit a Letter of Resignation. This is an official protocol required for resignation. The main purpose of the resignation letter is to have a written form of record, to have details regarding the employee’s last day at work, to highlight the next course of action and keep a good relationship with the current employer.

The Guidelines of Writing a Resignation Letter

It’s a mutually agreed statement when you’re writing your resignation letter, it’s better to make it brief. You don’t have to give them an extremely long justification of why you’re leaving. Just be straight forward and to the point. Keeping that air of professionalism, make sure to highlight any information that might be crucial to your resignation process.

Down below, we’ve listed a few pointers that might help you write out your letter of resignation:

  • Write to the point: tell them that you’re quitting in the starting paragraph, or perhaps, even with your starting sentence.
  • Keep the air of a Professional: If you’re leaving, you’re leaving. Don’t leave a bad impact on the company, by using this as an opportunity to shame them or your colleagues.
  • Mention your last day as their employee: This is the date, until which you’ve agreed to work for the company.
  • Give details regarding the transfer of work: You can either decide to offer help in finding your substitute or decide to complete a set of projects before you leave,
  • Check your Letter: Minor mistakes such as grammar and spelling errors, leave a bad impression. Make sure to re-read and check your letter for accuracy, before submission.
  • Get a lawyer’s advice: Based on your position at work, you could decide to ask a professional’s opinion regarding your resignation. It never hurts to be sure.

The way to use Resignation Letter Template

You can make use of this template as a guide to write out your letter effectively. Here’s an easy way to get it done:

Select the complete template and paste it on a Microsoft Word Document. You can use other applications or Google Docs, whatever makes you feel comfortable. Then:

  1. Edit the details, with your own, such as your, contact info.
  2. Read and rephrase the paragraphs, in accordance to your specific situation.
  3. Check for errors.
  4. Send it either through email, mail, or you could even go in and do it personally.

Take the template below and use this as the basis to write your own resignation letter.

What to write or not to write in a Resignation Letter?

There are always do’s and there are always don’ts. Here’s what you should remember to do and things you should certainly avoid.


  • Submit the letter in a printed copy and an email one, with your signature.
  • Ascertain the details regarding your last few days as an employee
  • Provide the company with an offer, that you’d be willing to help your substitute with the transfer.
  • Mention the days of notice required in your employment contract.
  • Get your things organized from your desk, just in case you have to leave right away.


  • Complain about the company and your colleagues.
  • Not agreeing to collaborate with your notice period.
  • Bragging or demeaning your current company for your new job.
  • Being un-cooperative regarding the transition.
  • Persuading other employees to resign.
  • Spreading false information.

Resignation Letter Template

[State Your Name],
[State Your Address],
[State Your City, State, Country],
[Input Phone Number],
[Input Email Address],
[Date of the Letter],
[Recipient’s Name],
[Company’s Title]

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

The starting paragraph should begin with an introduction, such as: The purpose of this letter is to formally inform the company of my resignation. My last date, as an employee of (Company’s name), will be XX-XXX-XXXX, which is due in about two weeks.

The Second paragraph should share in the details and include a short thank you note for all the opportunities you’ve gained, like: It was a hard decision to finalize. I will always be thankful to the company for all the support they’ve provided, throughout the years. The countless experience and opportunities that I’ve gained here as an employee, will always be unparalleled. Working with you has been a pleasure.

Lastly, add in a note that states how you’d be willing to co-operate with the substitution and end on a happy note by wishing the company all the best.

[Insert sign],


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