University Selection

The Science & Law School Scholarship is offered to outstanding students who have already scored admissions in Universities (QS Ranked Universities < 1000) not later than three months of the date of application. It is also offered to the students who are given pre-admission letters by the University.

The selection of University and degree programs is the choice of the candidate whereas, our only requirement is to make sure that the University is fall in Top 1000 QS ranked university list of 2019. The candidates are required to submit their admission, tuition, and other expenditures and provide us with the application for the Science & Law School Scholarship consideration, if selected, then we will get in touch with successful candidates to fetch their receipts to reimburse their expenditures.

The quota for Science majors is 25%, whereas, the quota for Engineering programs is 30% and the rest of the 45% quota is allocated to Law degree programs. It must be noted that we are not affiliated with any of the University, our organization is a charity organization that supports individual outstanding students without any partnership, co-sponsors or affiliations. The degree programs and university selection is not recommended by us but it is the sole will of the students to find the relevant programs in universities under 1000 QS ranked institutions to become eligible for Science & Law School Scholarship award application. In case of poor grades or termination of admission from the University, the scholarship will also be canceled immediately.