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Tender Notice: Writing a Professional Tender Notice – Format of a Tender Notice, Sample and Template of the Tender Notice

Tender notice is a call for inviting bids from product or services suppliers to provide competitive prices and better quality service or product.

Companies request bids from different vendors or contractors to provide the service or do some job for them at very competitive prices through tender notices. Or you can say that notices of the tender are written to notify the potential contractors that a company wants some services to complete the project at a competitive price. Inviting contractors through tender notices gives companies an extensive choice range to choose from.

A formal request to product or services suppliers for inviting the price quotation and product/service specification details is known as Tender Notice.

Writing a Notice of Tender

There is not a specific format for writing the tender notice. But what actually matters is the notice content which has to be very appropriate. Anyhow, the following are some general points that must be needed to write in the tender notice.

  • A complete and accurate description of the services and goods you want to obtain.
  • Requirements and conditions of tender must be written.
  • You must provide the criteria on which the submitted tenders are evaluated. 
  • Format of presenting tender notice. 
  • Rules regarding the submission of tender that must include deadlines, etc. 
  • The contract conditions must be clearly written.

Anyhow, you have to take extra care while writing such a document as it is a formal document. And once it gets submitted it cannot be changed as it becomes a legal document and you have to follow whatever is written in it. Additionally, tender notices must be sent in sealed covers and always remember to mention the date and time on top. 

Why we use Tender Notices?

A company issues tender notice when it wants to choose a capable supplier for itself. 

Because of a large number of suppliers in the market, companies usually face problems in looking and hiring a capable supplier for them. Keeping this problem in mind, the tender notices are issued. This makes it easy for companies to hire a supplier because the suppliers present themselves in front of the buyers and give them offers. Therefore, by issuing tender notice, a buyer gives all the details that what it wants from the supplier and in how much quantity and time. 

Moreover, the factor about which most buyers are worried is the choosing of capable suppliers for them. Tender notice of two weeks usually helps companies in narrowing down the supplier list, preventing unnecessary suppliers from hopping. 

Additionally, tender notices help buyers to efficiently transmit their information to a large number of suppliers, instead of going to every supplier and taking the estimate of their services. Similarly, the suppliers themselves get all of the information through tender notices about what buyer wants and will they be able to deliver or not?


Office:Designation of Person here
Specification No:Tender Number here dated 20-09-2021
Issuing Authority:Add organization name here
AddressAdd organization Address here
Brief Description of itemInsert product/service description here
Tender PublicationPublisher information here
(Newspaper, Details)Insert Newspaper details here
Criteria of Eligibility, optionalAs stated in Newspaper
(in brief)Details here
Tenders Sale Starting dateInsert Date and Time here
Tenders Sale Last dateInsert Date and Time here
Bid submission Last Date:Insert Date and Time here
Date of Pre-BidInsert Date and Time here
Bid OpeningInsert Date and Time here
Cost of Document:Add price here
Mode of Payment:Insert payment mode here
Payment in name of:Insert Payee name
EMD:Add minimum cash requirement here
ContactAdd contact information here
URLAdd website address
Details of Tender information:Add further details here
EmailAdd email here
Phone:Add phone number here
Details of Tender information:As stated in Specifications.

TERMS & CONDITIONS to Participate in Tender BID:

  1. Tender documents set containing all of the general instructions, technical specifications, and all other conditions and terms are available in the office and can be attained through payment by cash or demand draft in name of P&C accounts officer, California. It is to be reminded that firms who will not purchase tender documents, their tenders will not be accepted. All other conditions and terms should be followed strictly.
  2. The procurement will be based on the three parts bid as follows:

Earnest Money: It’s stated that the earnest money of @2% of the tender value will be needed to be submitted. The minimum amount is US$250 and the maximum amount is US$10k. All of the tenders will accompany earnest money as stated in the documents except for tenders that are exempted specifically.

Technical & Commercial Conditions: It has the following components:

  • Prequalifying condition:

There will be a need to submit the proof of previous supplies to any other organization by the Tenderers. The firm has to send the supply copies to P.O’s regarding this matter. Additionally, a firm will also submit certificates of performance.

  • Technical qualification:

The tenderer will have to submit the technical specifications that can be the drawings of material that the firm is offering according to tender documents.

  • Commercial Conditions:

The tenderer will have to submit commercial conditions. 

Price BidThe tenderer will have to submit a price bid. 

However, this has to be kept in mind that Earnest money, Technical & Commercial conditions, and the price bid have to be sent in the three envelopes separately and have to be marked accordingly.

  1. On the opening date, only EMD and the Technical & Commercial conditions will be opened. The price bid shall be opened once the evaluation of technical details is done and the tenderers are informed.
  2. The price bid of those tenderers who did not qualify the technical qualification and have not provided EMD, will not get opened.
  3. No tender documents or specifications will be issued to a firm that is in the list of defaulters for 9 or more months. Or have not supplied anything for 15 or more months to other organizations.
  4. Federal Corporation has all rights to accept or reject the bid without providing a proper reason. 

Dy. Chief Secretary,
Designation of person in charge,

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