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Business Confidentiality Agreement Word File

The Business Confidentiality Agreement is also known as a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or a Confidential Disclosure Agreement, wherein an enterprise or an individual is legally bounded to keep the information a secret. Business Confidentiality Agreement or NDA protects any information written in its clauses.

What is a Lease Agreement?

A Lease Agreement is usually described as a legally binding, pre-negotiated contractual arrangement signed by/between the lessor (landlord) and the lessee (tenant) which outlines the terms and conditions regarding the rent of a property.

One Page Commercial Lease Agreement

A one-page commercial lease agreement is generally particular to lessee utilizing the leased property for residential or commercial purposes, contingent on the type of leased property. Nevertheless, there are other detailed, complicated agreements that may even turn the supposed tenants away. Regardless, there is a simple solution: Make it easy and understandable. Therefore, putting everything on a single page not only makes it easy to read but more acceptable to both the tenants and the landlords.

This simple One-Page Lease Agreement provides the fundamentals of a Lease Agreement, including the name of both parties, the property to be rented, amount of US$, time-period of the lease, the purpose and restrictions of the lease and any other fixtures in the leased property.

Utilize this One-Page Lease Agreement template for your personal or business purposes and save your time as well as energy.

Business Confidentiality Agreement template is available below in word and pdf format to download and for reuse purposes:

Business Confidentiality Agreement Template

This Business Confidentiality Agreement is hereby signed on [Insert Date] between [Insert Name of Company] and [Insert Name of Contact].

Objective: The [Insert Name of Company] and [Insert Name of Contact] will be entering into a mutually beneficial business relationship, which will – of course – involve confidential discussions regarding the progress and development of [Insert Name of Company], along with the disclosure of any other confidential information or data. The purpose of this agreement is to ensure that the confidential information of both parties is not disclosed and is protected at every cost.

The [Insert Name of Company] and [Insert Name of Contact] thus agree with the below-mentioned criterion:

A: All through this agreement, the expression ‘Confidential Information or Data’ will allude to any personal information or data regarding the operation of [Insert Name of Company], which is usually unknown to any third parties, and is the exclusive property of [Insert Name of Company]. Confidential information incorporates; however, it is not restricted to:

  • Finances;
  • Trade secrets;
  • Business plans;
  • Investing Strategies;
  • Product strategies;
  • Marketing Strategies;
  • Contract discussions;
  • Any other business affairs.

B: [Insert Name of Contact] recognize that any deliberate or non-deliberate disclosure of any confidential information or data may be pernicious to [Insert Name of Company] and therefore agrees:

  • Not to reveal any discussions with [Insert Name of Company] besides when legally required.
  • Not to utilize any confidential information or data in any way except for authorized or legal purposes.
  • Not to disclose any confidential information at any time unless and until written permission is provided by [Insert Name of Company].
  • To return any records regarding [Insert Name of Company] upon the dissolution of this agreement.

C: The above-mentioned terms and conditions shall not adhere to when particular information or data:

  • Becomes publicly available;
  • Is ordered to be disclosed by the court;
  • [Insert Name of Company] provides written permission;
  • Can be established via evidence to be owned by [Insert Name of Company] before the agreement is signed.

D: [Insert Name of Company] must be informed immediately if [Insert Name of Contact] receives any order regarding the disclosure of confidential information by the court, so that protective orders or waiver regarding the agreement can be obtained accordingly.

E: [Insert Name of Company] and [Insert Name of Contact] understands that any confidential information belongs exclusively to the if [Insert Name of Company], and any disclosure of such information to [Insert Name of Contact] does not mean any license, any right or title to this information or data in any manner, and any unauthorized use of this information may not be appropriate.

F: The termination of this contract by/between [Insert Name of Company] and [Insert Name of Contact] does not mean that [Insert Name of Contact] is relieved of the obligations contained within this agreement, which includes the obligation to return all the related records.

G: This contract shall be presided over by the jurisdiction of [Name of your State].

Signed: [Party A]

Signed: [Party B]

Dated: [insert date]


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