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A roommate agreement form is used for the convenience of and between two individuals living in the same dwelling and sharing a rental unit. This agreement is executed before any rental commitments are made. The agreement allows the roommates to agree and remain informed about the terms of living together and avoid any conflict and disputes as well as serves as a guide to resolve issues that arise. The agreement informs both roommates on the terms and conditions of their tenancy and their obligations such as their monthly payment duties, house rules, and utility payments and how they are shared.

Roommate Agreement and Contract Template Word File Download Preview (Free)


This Roommate Agreement has been signed on [DATE] by the involved parties [ROOMMATE NAME] (“Roommate1”) and [ROOMMATE NAME] (“Roommate2”), who deliberately agree to comply with this contractual agreement.

Herein, Roommate1 and Roommate2 have established a [TIME PERIOD] lease length to live at [ADDRESS] (the “Premises”); and

Herein, Roommate1 and Roommate2 have sworn to reside in the same premises amidst the state of mutual understanding and respect as detailed per the contractual agreements.

WITHIN THIS CONTEXT, in view of the aforementioned mutual agreements and commitments made by both parties herein, Roommate1 and Roommate2 (“Party” as an individual and “Parties” as aggregate) agree and promise the following:

    1. TERMS OF LEASE: Both parties will always comply with the terms and conditions of the lease agreement in its entirety, which have been included herein as Exhibit A (the “Lease”). In case of violation, the guilty party will be held accountable for the damages and expenses incurred upon the other party. The violating party will be liable for compensating the incurred expenses.
    2. Responsibilities: Both parties will be obligated to perform certain responsibilities and duties as outlined in the attached Exhibit B.
    3. Private belongings: Both parties accept to refrain from any usage or consumption of the other party’s personal belongings unless consent has been provided. Both parties must also refrain from entering into the other party’s bedroom without approval. The parties also acknowledge that they will be liable for compensating and providing a replacement for any damages caused by them to the other party’s property, whether the party was allowed by the other party to use the property or not.
    4. SECURITY DEPOSIT: The deposit amount is being shared by the two parties, amounting to a total of [AMOUNT]. In case the owner of the premises has refused to refund the security deposits at the termination of the lease, the deductions made by the landlord for the damage caused by one party should be charged only on the security deposit share of that party only.
    5. DWELLING RULES: The main housing terms and rules have been attached as EXHIBIT C.

The Parties represent the following:

6.1. Any information exchanged between the parties, including the roommates and the landlord is accurate and holds true as all the parties know.

6.2. Each party holds a job and the ability to make monthly payments.

6.3. Both parties are obligated to comply with all the laws and regulations during their tenancy.

    1. COMPENSATIONS. Each party promises to compensate, protect and guard the other party against any sort of legal repercussions such as lawsuits and any expenses respective to the violation committed against the law, this contract or the rights of another individual by any of the parties as they reside together.
    2. NO CHANGES UNLESS IN WRITING: The terms of this agreement can not be altered or modified unless done in a mutual and formal manner by the inclusion of both parties.
    3. THE AGREEMENT IN ITS ENTIRETY: The parties hold this agreement as a true representation of their promises and covenants and will hold privilege over any type of other less formal agreements whether oral or written.
    4. PERTAINING LAW: The terms mentioned herein and their interpretations are to be under the governance of the legislations of the State of [STATE] and in instances of any disputes are to be resolved under the jurisdiction of the federal and competent courts located in [COUNTY], [STATE] only.

UNDER WITNESS, both Parties have established this Roommate Agreement as of the day and year:

_________________________________ ______________

[ROOMMATE 1 NAME]                            DATE

_________________________________ ______________

[ROOMMATE 2 NAME]                            DATE




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