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How do I change my name legally? Legal Name Change Process

List of documents required for a name change - Questions for Name Change Request

If you are bored with your old name and needs a new name or you are getting married or divorced then there are several questions in mind needed to be answered regarding a name change.

An Affidavit of Name Change is all you need to change your name in any of the situations such as after marriage and divorce, etc.

Can you change your first name legally?

Yes, you can change your first name legally if you are interested but a police verification check is necessary if there are any legal orders of not changing your name. You have to file an affidavit to change your name to process it.

Can you change your last name legally?

Just like your first name, your last name or the surname can be changed as well if there are no restriction orders from the court. All you need is to file an affidavit of Name Change to make name modification possible.

Is it compulsory to change surname after marriage?

No, it is not compulsory to change your surname for females after marriage. You can keep your maiden name after marriage.

Can a husband take his wife’s last name?

A husband if wishes can take her wife’s last name as in the history where the men marrying females from wealthy families tend to take their name. But it is legally a bit difficult for men to change their name and take wife’s last name. But to do so an affiant has to file a Name Change Affidavit as well.

What is a legal name change document?

Legal name is the person’s first name or the name that can be used legally in any documents or court orders. When one wishes to change his legal name then the document to be issued is called the legal name change document.

How do you get a name change certificate?

You can have it by showing your name change documents to the court clerk. He will give you a form to be filled with, required documents to be attached and a fee voucher to be paid. Once done, you will get a name change certificate.

List of documents accepted as an evidence for Change Name Application:

  • Divorce Decree
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Adoption Decree
  • Public Record documents
  • Court Order

How do I change my name legally?

As an affiant, you are required to file an affidavit of the name change and attach a list of following documents to process your name change application:

Following are the documents required for a name change.

  1. An Affidavit from a district court
  2. Proof of citizenship, passport, birth, marriage certificates etc.
  3. Proof of name change

What is an affidavit for the name change?

Name Change Affidavit is a legal document that ensures that the new name you have chosen for yourself is legally yours and there is no impropriety in it. It can be used either after marriage and divorce as well.

Is affidavit enough for the name change?

Depending upon your country’s laws and regulations, at times the affidavit of a name change is enough for the name change and at some places, an official issue of name change in newspaper gazettes is important as well.

Where do I go to file for a name change?

You can file a petition for name change in your district court. If the court approves your request you can change your name by filing an affidavit then.

Can I change my name legally online?

No, you cannot change your name legally online.

How can I change my name legally for free?

You can change your name legally without any cost by the following process:

  1. Visiting a judicial website and downloading the petition
  2. Filling the petition and notarize your signature from the court clerk
  3. Get an IFP or waiver form and submit to the clerk
  4. You will get an IPF or wavier order that will waive your fees in any step.


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